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Coochiemudlo Island Reflection Space honours local war heroes

Today marked the official recognition of the Coochiemudlo Island war memorial upgrade, which was jointly funded by Redland City Council and the Queensland Government.

Mayor Karen Williams said the enhancements framing the locally-important war memorial were made possible through collaboration between Redland City Council, the State Government and island residents.

“This project has been designed to ensure Coochiemudlo Island’s war memorial is a beautiful place of reflection for people to remember those who have served our nation,” Cr Williams said.

“Works include a new connecting pathway from Coochiemudlo Foreshore Park and a seating area adjacent to the memorial and flag pole, with materials and plants chosen to complement the naturally wonderful landscape of Coochiemudlo Island.

“Redland City Council’s successful application to the Queensland Anzac Centenary Lasting Legacies grants program saw an additional $32,200 available for this project, and I thank the State Government for ensuring this project could be delivered for the Redlands Coast community.”

Redland City Council invested more than $70,000 towards the project, including $25,000 allocated by Cr Hewlett as part of the Division 4 Capital Infrastructure Program.

Coochiemudlo Island Memorial Committee member Graeme Roberts-Thompson, Member for Redlands Kim Richards, Mayor Karen Williams, Redlands RSL president Alan Harcourt and Deputy Mayor Lance Hewlett at the Coochiemudlo Island war memorial.

Cr Hewlett said community input had been crucial to its success.

“Coochiemudlo Island residents have a strong tradition of honouring our servicemen and women at commemorations, and it is wonderful this improved war memorial is now available for these special events,” Cr Hewlett said.

“Support and feedback from the Coochiemudlo Island Heritage Society, Coastcare Coochiemudlo Island and Doug Cope of the Coochiemudlo Island Memorial Events Committee and RSL were key to the successful grant application.

“Coochiemudlo Bushcare Group also gave amazing support in completing the landscaping around the new structures, so it has been a truly collaborative effort.”

Chair of the Queensland Advisory Committee for the Commemoration of the Anzac Centenary, Captain Andrew Craig, wrote a letter of support that was read at the gathering to celebrate the official occasion.

“More than 57,700 Queenslanders served in the First World War, some making the ultimate sacrifice,” he wrote.

“We can all play a role in serving their memory by visiting projects such as this one.”

Redlands RSL president Alan Harcourt, Deputy Mayor Lance Hewlett, Mayor Karen Williams, Redlands RSL vice-president Ian Gray, Member for Redlands Kim Richards, Coochiemudlo Island Memorial Committee member Graeme Roberts-Thompson and Redlands RSL secretary Michael McDonnell at the Coochiemudlo Island Reflection Space.

Ross Creek catchment works a waterways success story

Cleveland is reaping significant environmental benefits following a decade of revegetation work culminating in more than 12,000 additional native plants now stabilising the Ross Creek catchment area and enhancing an important wildlife corridor from Long Street to Smith Street.

Mayor Karen Williams said the site was a great example of the environmental projects being undertaken across Redlands Coast.

“The restoration works to this section of the Ross Creek catchment has brought many benefits, including slowing down water flow during rain events, improving water quality, creating new wildlife habitat and vastly enhancing aesthetic and environmental values,” Cr Williams said.

“Sometimes progress is hard to spot until you revisit a site and see seedlings planted many years ago now towering over your head.

“In the case of the Ross Creek catchment conservation efforts, aerial photos from 2010 and 2018 speak for themselves.

“On Redlands Coast, we value our naturally wonderful environment; and projects like these are happening across the region thanks to the combined efforts of dedicated Council staff and Bushcare volunteers.

“Reports such as our annual Redlands Coast Waterways Recovery Report and the Healthy Land and Water Report Card highlight the condition of our waterways, but also provide some great examples of environmental achievements, of which our community can feel proud.

“A quick scan of the 2018 Redlands Coast Waterways Recovery Report tells us that nutrients, litter and sediment continue to impact our waterways, but, in good news, Council and community efforts have seen about 268 tonnes of storm water pollutants and 99 cubic metres of litter trapped and retrieved from waterways, aquatic weeds managed at 45 Redlands Coast sites and more than 54,000 riparian plants placed.”

Healthy Land and Water CEO Julie McLellan commended Redland City Council for its commitment to protecting the Redlands Coast environment.

Ms McLellan said results from the 2018 Healthy Land and Water Report Card indicated the quality of the Redlands Coast catchment remained in fair condition, though pollutant loads had risen due to an increase in rainfall throughout 2018.

“These results showcase why revegetation projects like the Ross Creek restoration are such vital steps in improving the health of waterways on Redlands Coast,” she said.

“Not only do these projects help stabilise waterways, reduce erosion and improve water quality, they also encourage community members to enjoy their local waterways and build an emotional connection to the environment.

“This connection ultimately motivates them to care for and protect their local waterways into the future.”

Ms McLellan said the 2018 Report Card revealed almost 60 per cent of Redlands Coast residents were satisfied with their local waterways, which is significantly higher than the south-east Queensland average of 50 per cent.

“With the delivery of more projects like the Ross Creek restoration, we expect to see this number rise in future years,” she said.

Links to the Redlands Coast Waterways Recovery Report and the Healthy Land and Water Report Card can be found on Council’s website.

Mayor Karen Williams with Healthy Land and Water CEO Julie McLellan at the Ross Creek catchment in Cleveland.


Council to advocate for greater share of Commonwealth tax revenue

Redland City Councillors this week supported a call from Mayor Karen Williams to advocate to the Federal Government to restore Financial Assistance Grants to at least one per cent of Commonwealth taxation revenue.

These grants to Local Government have been provided by the Federal Government for a number of years, helping local governments across Australia fund services and infrastructure within their communities.

Cr Williams said while the provision of the grants had been consistent, the proportion of the grant allocation relative to Commonwealth taxation revenue had reduced over the years.

“In 1996, the Commonwealth provided about one per cent of taxation revenue but over the past 20 years that has declined by about 43 per cent in relative terms, meaning councils now only receive about 0.55 per cent of Commonwealth tax revenue.

“This reduction is despite an average 3.47 per cent annual growth rate in Australia’s Gross Domestic Product between 1960 and 2017.

“In other words, Local Government is effectively receiving less of the nation’s taxation to deliver the services and infrastructure required in their communities.”

Cr Williams said Local Government, as the level of government closest to the community, was responsible for delivering much of the infrastructure and services needed by residents.

“Local Government manages 33 per cent of public assets but collects only 3 per cent of total government taxes to manage these assets,” she said.

“In contrast, the Federal Government collects 80 per cent of taxes and manages 11 per cent of public assets.

“That just isn’t equitable and this week’s decision is designed to restore the balance.

“If the current allocation remains the same, this would equate to an amount in the order of approximately $4 million for Redland City Council to help fund services and infrastructure across Redlands Coast.”

Cr Williams said she would write to the relevant Minister and that the request would be included in Council’s 2019 Federal Election Advocacy document.

“In doing so, Council will be supporting the Local Government Association of Queensland and the Australian Local Government Association advocacy plans for this year’s Federal election,” she said.

Eastern Busway and duplication of Cleveland rail critical projects for Redlands Coast

A regional blueprint for transport in South East Queensland has identified the Cleveland rail duplication and Eastern Busway as critical for the future of the Redlands Coast.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the Council of Mayors (SEQ) People Mass Movement Study released today showed State  and Federal Government investment in transport needed to be increased to accommodate growth.

“Transport is about much more than convenience, it drives economic growth and regional opportunities and is critical for our community,” Cr Williams said.

“This study lists 47 priority projects needed to transport residents anywhere in the SEQ region within 45 minutes and within each of the major centres within 30 minutes, helping to unlock those regional opportunities and economic potential.

“The People Mass Movement Study shows this can be achieved on the Redlands Coast by duplicating the Cleveland rail line and delivering the Eastern Busway, in turn encouraging public transport use and taking private vehicles off the road”

Cr Williams said there was currently no commitment to deliver either of these projects, showing a clear deficit in transport infrastructure.

“This report shows clearly that Old Cleveland Road is already beyond its capacity, but as yet there is not even a business case let alone a commitment to remedy this and unless something is done soon the gridlock will worsen,” she said.

“We had a previous commitment to deliver the Eastern Busway but that has now dropped off the State Government’s agenda and despite consistent lobbying there are no plans to deliver it.

“Last year I joined with Member for Capalaba Don Brown to petition Transport Minister Mark Bailey to deliver a business case for the Eastern Busway, hopefully this report will show why this project is so important to the Redlands Coast.

“This People Mass Movement Study also identifies the duplication of the Cleveland Rail Line as critical, and with it now dubbed the ‘Misery Line’ I’m sure all residents would agree this project is vital.

Cr Williams said while the Redlands Coast was expected to experience modest growth compared to our neighbours, the fact that about 60 per cent of residents already left the city each day for work or study showed there was a clear need for transport investment now.

“This is a regional plan and there needs to be a regional solution that will help Redlanders get to Brisbane and beyond and help our neighbours get out to enjoy the Redlands Coast,” she said.

Council invites State to consult with Redlands Coast community on its transport plan

Redland City Council will extend community consultation on the Draft Redlands Coast Transport Strategy to 1 March 2019, giving the State Government the chance to join them in on the ground engagement to seek community feedback on its own Draft Regional Transport Plan.

Mayor Karen Williams said extending the closing date for community engagement would give the community the opportunity to ask questions and receive face to face feedback on Council and the State’s draft transport strategies together.

“Transport is one of the most important issues for Redlands Coast, and delivering Council’s transport strategy is highly dependent on the State’s transport network,” Cr Williams said.

“As such, it is vital the community has the chance to comment on much-needed State projects, such as upgrades to State-controlled roads, the Eastern Busway and duplication of the Cleveland rail line and see how these yet to be delivered State projects would alleviate local transport issues.

“Council has been out on the ground engaging with residents on our draft transport strategy, speaking with more than 3,000 people already through pop up sessions and intercept surveys, which we know are a great way to get genuine feedback.

“Council officers have indicated that much of the feedback received during this time relates to State Government transport responsibilities, such as State-controlled roads and public transport.

“Council would love to see the State Government adopt a similar on the ground style of engagement so residents can speak with them face to face and ask about the projects we desperately need on Redlands Coast.

“Today’s decision gives them that opportunity and I have written to the Minister to request that he and State officers stand shoulder to shoulder with Council at these engagement opportunities to speak with residents.”

Cr Williams said there remained a deficit in State transport infrastructure on Redlands Coast, making it even more critical for the community to have their say on the Draft Regional Transport Plan.

“The State’s draft transport plan does not make any firm commitments with respect to upgrading State transport infrastructure, so people need to be able to speak directly with the State Government to explain why this infrastructure is important to our community,” she said.

“The best way to do that is on the ground, here in the city, with Council on hand to answer questions about our draft transport strategy.

“One action that is included in the State’s Draft Regional Transport Plan is a commitment to working with Council to deliver a multi-modal local transport strategy for the city.

“The best and quickest way to achieve this action is to take up our invitation to join us in on the ground engagement during the extended consultation period.”

Cr Williams said Council would also make a formal submission to the State Government’s Draft Regional Transport Plan by 1 March, 2019.

“This extended consultation period also gives the Redlands Coast community a chance to have a say on what should be included in that submission,” she said.

Visit Council’s website for information on the Draft Redlands Coast Transport Strategy.

For details of the State’s Draft Regional Transport Plan, visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

Council lifts prohibition on dogs at Cleveland Markets

Dog owners will be able to take their furry friends to Cleveland Markets after Council today voted to amend its Local Law 2, Register of Animals in Public Places, removing the prohibition on dogs in Bloomfield Street between Queen Street and Middle Street, Cleveland from 6am to 4pm on Sundays.

The amendment follows a four week community consultation conducted via surveys online and at Cleveland Markets.

Mayor Karen Williams said Council had decided to consult with the community after public debate arose over the prohibition on dogs at the markets.

“The prohibition on dogs at the markets had been in place for more than 20 years,” she said.

“Due to community debate about the matter, I thought the best course of action was to ask the community, through formal, public consultation, what they wanted.

“The outcome was clear, with 81 per cent of the 988 respondents indicating they wanted dogs to be permitted at the markets.”

Councillor for Cleveland (Division 2) Peter Mitchell welcomed the decision and urged people taking their dogs to the markets to be responsible pet owners.

“While it is good to see the prohibition lifted, dog ownership and taking dogs into public areas comes with responsibilities,” he said.

“This includes keeping dogs on leashes, ensuring they are not a nuisance or a danger to others, and cleaning up after them.”

Cr Williams said Council had also added the following dog off-leash areas to the Local Law 2, Register of Animals in Public Places:

  • Eprapah Creek Corridor, Victoria Point
  • Beachwood Street Park, Redland Bay
  • Gundagai Drive Park, Capalaba
  • Freshwater Street Park, Thornlands

Redlands Coast honours local heroes

Redlands Coast residents who have dedicated their time and talents to helping their community were celebrated at the 2019 Redlands Coast Australia Day Awards at the Alexandra Hills Hotel Function Centre on 22 January.

Mayor Karen Williams said the annual awards were a fitting way to thank those community members who continually go “above and beyond” to make Redlands Coast a better place to live, work and play.

“The selflessness, dedication and achievements shown by these community members reflects the community spirit of Redlands Coast,’’ Cr Williams said.

“We are blessed to have so many community members who demonstrate such generosity of spirit and a desire to help others, as well as those who are great role models and excelling in their chosen pursuits.

“These awards are an opportunity for us, as a community, to acknowledge their efforts and give them a collective pat on the back for what they do.

“Our Citizen of the Year, Maryann Talia Pau, is a truly amazing person who has worked tirelessly to bring awareness to the destructive effects of violence.

Mayor Karen Williams with Citizen of the Year Maryann Talia Pau.

“Maryann started the One Million Stars to End Violence Campaign, which encouraged people to help weave one million stars to pledge an end to violence in our society.

“Partnering with the Queensland Government from 2016, Maryann worked to create an installation of these stars in the Museum of Brisbane in the lead up to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018, with many other installations showcased across the State.

“Rita Morris, our Senior Citizen of the Year, was the driving force behind the establishment of Myhorizon Inc.

“Since this organisation began in 1981, Myhorizon has expanded to what is now one of Queensland’s leading not-for-profit disability services organisations, empowering more than 2000 people to reach their potential each year.


Mayor Karen Williams with Senior Citizen of the Year Rita Morris.

“Madina Mohmood is a worthy winner of our Young Citizen of the Year Award, supporting and promoting cultural diversity within the community.”

Cr Williams said Lamb Island Fire Brigade first officer Noel Walker was a deserving recipient of the Local Hero Award.

“Noel expanded the brigade’s volunteer base from none to 30 and was instrumental in seeing the brigade taken into the folds of the Queensland Ambulance Service and able to provide support to paramedics travelling to the island.

“Our Community Organisation Award went to Running Wild – Youth Conservation Culture Inc., which works to provide opportunity and island-based community programs and traineeships to local, disadvantaged people”


Mayor Karen Williams with Reconciliation Award winner Joshua Walker.

Cr Williams said Quandamooka man Joshua Walker was a highly deserving recipient of the Reconciliation Award.

“Joshua willingly shares his cultural knowledge through talks, song and dance,” she said.

“He also contributes to restoring Jandai – the language of Quandamooka Country – through these and other cultural pursuits.

“This year, two winners received the Environment and Sustainability Award.

“Redlands After-hours Wildlife Ambulance provides a vital, 24/7 response to calls about sick, injured or orphaned wildlife across Redlands Coast, while Amy Glade advocates tirelessly for the welfare of the local community and the protection of the local environment.

“Local production company and educational institution ROCKIT Productions is integral to fostering young, aspiring performers on Redlands Coast and is a fitting recipient of the Cultural Award.

“Adam Pryde and Cleveland Air Magic – Gold Fire Team were both Sports Award recipients.

“Adam is a sporting powerhouse who also mentors young sports talent on Redlands Coast, while Cleveland Air Magic team consistently puts Redlands Coast on the international rope skipping map, having achieved world championship status multiple times.”

Cr Williams said Council received 37 nominations across the nine categories.

“These nominations show the amazing community spirit that flows across Redlands Coast,” she said.

“I congratulate everyone who was nominated as well as those who took the time to nominate their fellow community members.”

The winners at a glance:

  • Citizen of the Year: Maryann Talia Pau
  • Young Citizen of the Year: Madina Mohmood
  • Senior Citizen of the Year: Rita Morris
  • Local Hero Award: Noel Walker
  • Community Organisation Award: Running Wild – Youth Conservation Culture Inc.
  • Cultural Award: ROCKIT Productions
  • Reconciliation Award: Joshua Walker
  • Environment and Sustainability Award: Amy Glade and Redlands After-hours Wildlife Ambulance
  • Sports Award: Adam Pryde and Cleveland Air Magic – Gold Fire Team


Mayor Karen Williams celebrates with recipients of Redlands Coast Australia Day awards.

Keep your New Year resolutions healthy and active on Redlands Coast

Enhance your New Year resolutions for health and fitness with the Redlands Coast Healthy & Active Program.

Set to kick off with a jam-packed timetable of activities on 29 January, Redland City Council’s popular group exercise program will again offer a diverse range of low-cost activities across Redlands Coast, at just $5 per person, per session.

This year, the program introduces some new activities, including ninja warrior, cardio tennis and Billy’s Buddies – a children’s Rugby League based program founded by former Queensland Origin great Billy Slater.

Also returning are the very popular Zumba classes, as well as many different health and fitness programs to cater for all levels.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council had received great feedback from participants about the program of mostly outdoor activities.

“Our Redlands Coast Healthy & Active Program is making a positive impact on the community,” she said.

“Many residents embrace the program to try new activities and schedule regular exercise into their busy lives.

“We continue to see solid participation, with about 1500 people taking part in more than 20 different activities during Term 4 last year.”

Cr Williams encouraged people to book early for the 2019 program, as places were limited.

“A ten session pass (for the price of nine) will also be available for purchase at the first session or online,” she said.

Mayor Karen Williams is encouraging the community to make the most of the beautiful Redlands Coast outdoors and take part in the Redlands Coast Healthy & Active program.

“Again, a broad range of activities inclusive of all abilities and experience is on offer – most with wet weather contingencies – with online registration through Team App.

“If you’re ready to move more and be active for life – or keen to continue on your journey – visit the Redland City Council website for this term’s full schedule and information on the range of weekly activities.”

Community celebrates opening of new IndigiScapes nursery

Redlands IndigiScapes’ new nursery welcomed hundreds of visitors on Saturday 19 January when Redland City Council opened the native plant facility to the community.

The new nursery completes the first stage of a multi-million dollar project, jointly funded by Redland City Council and the Queensland Government, to upgrade and expand Redlands IndigiScapes Centre.

The official opening saw elected representatives, locals, visitors and volunteers celebrate with activities that included children’s seed bomb craft, a seed propagation demonstration, free barbecue and other entertainment.

Mayor Karen Williams said the new nursery was a welcome enhancement for Redlands Coast and would continue to educate the community about the use of native plant species, and host monthly plant days and annual ‘trees for weeds’ swap days.

“The IndigiScapes nursery also plays a significant role in propagating local native plant stock for Redland City Council’s conservation plantings across Redlands Coast,” Cr Williams said.

“This new community space is a naturally wonderful example of what we enjoy and appreciate about the Redlands Coast environment, and it was wonderful to see so many people exploring the nursery.”

Councillor for Capalaba (Division 7) Murray Elliott said the opening event also gave community members the opportunity to learn more about the refurbishment works planned for IndigiScapes.

“The stage two works about to begin will include a refurbished entry way, relocating the centre’s café and building a new theatrette with conference facilities,” he said.

“There will also be a new environmental interpretation area so people can discover more about the wildlife and native plants of Redlands Coast and learn simple things we can all do to protect them.

“These exciting enhancements will cement IndigiScapes’ place among the most unique and popular environment centres in Queensland, and we are looking forward to sharing the ‘new look’ IndigiScapes with the Redlands Coast community in coming months.

“The main centre building will close from 28 January for six to eight months to allow the work to be completed safely and efficiently; and we are certain the sacrifice will be worth it when the newly refurbished centre reopens again to the public.”

Cr Williams said the new nursery would remain open during stage two construction works and provide the community with access to the display gardens.

“People will also still be able to access our extension programs from their temporary home at Capalaba Place in Noeleen Street,” she said.

“Council will also continue to provide off-site events, such as koala food tree plantings, wildlife surveys, educational talks at schools and libraries and monthly bird watching and seed collecting excursions – keep an eye on the IndigiScapes website for details.”

Cr Williams urged residents and visitors to seek out new ways to explore the ‘wild’ side of Redlands Coast during the Centre’s reconstruction.

“This is a great opportunity for people to explore other naturally wonderful locations on Redlands Coast, such as Black Swamp Wetlands and Venman’s National Park – just head to the Redlands Coast website for inspiration,” she said.

For more details on the refurbishment project, visit Council’s website.

Mayor Karen Williams, Member for Capalaba Don Brown, Member for Redlands Kim Richards and Uncle Norm Enoch are joined by Redland City Councillors Paul Golle, Paul Bishop, Wendy Boglary, Lance Hewlett, Mark Edwards and Murray Elliott at the official opening of the new Redlands Coast Community IndigiScapes Native Nursery.


Enjoy Australia Day on Redlands Coast

Special Australia Day parking and safety arrangements will again be organised by Redland City Council this year so everyone can enjoy a relaxing celebration at the Wellington Point Recreation Reserve.

Additional parking will also be open at Toondah Harbour over the Australia Day long weekend for those travelling to North Stradbroke Island.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Redlands Coast boasts some beautiful coastline and parks, which make the Coast a popular destination for Australia Day.

“We want to make sure everyone enjoys Redlands Coast and its beautiful beaches and parks on Australia Day so Council has arranged extra traffic and litter patrols so people remain safe and the city stays tidy,” Mayor Williams said.

“Council also works with local police in the lead up to the Australia Day long weekend, who will be patrolling key areas in the interests of public safety.

“It would be great if everyone heading outdoors could assist by being patient and respectful of others, not littering and following the direction of authorities,” Cr Williams said.

Division 1 Councillor Wendy Boglary said the ever-popular Wellington Point Recreation Reserve would have additional arrangements in place on Saturday 26 January.

“To make sure the day is a pleasant one for everyone Council officers and police will be available to assist, including directing drivers to available parking spaces in and outside Wellington Point reserve,” Cr Boglary said.

“To avoid parking hassles people can park at the Wellington Point Community Hall carpark, Birkdale Road, and catch a free shuttle bus that will run along Main Road between the Wellington Point Reserve and Wellington Point shops from 7am to 6pm, on both Saturday 26 and Monday 28 January.

“Fun activities are planned at the Reserve on Saturday, including a jumping castle, egg and spoon races and thong throwing competitions, and Bay FM will also be there broadcasting live.

“On Monday’s public holiday, Council officers and the free shuttle bus will again be available to assist people celebrating at the Reserve,” she said.

Over the Australia Day long weekend the existing dog-walking regulations will remain in place, including being able to walk dogs on-leash at Wellington Point Reserve before 9am and after 4pm on the day.

The Wellington Point boat ramp will be available throughout the day, but it is expected to be busy and once the boat trailer parking spaces are full, users will be directed to use legal parking spaces outside the reserve. Cars without trailers are not permitted to park in boat trailer parking spaces.

For more information including on access to Wellington Point Recreation Reserve visit our website or call us on 3829 8999.