Redlands Coast residents second happiest in state, says Happiness Project

Redlands Coast residents are the second happiest in Queensland, according to Bond University’s Happiness Project.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the project – which used Census and other publicly available data to provide local government areas across the nation with an overall quality of life score – rated Redlands Coasts 6.7 out of 10, second in Queensland only to Brisbane.

“The results highlight what we have long known – Redlanders love living on Redlands Coast,” Cr Williams said.

“Redlands Coast scores particularly well in the categories of accessibility (at 9.3) followed by safety, education and employment.

“I believe it is the residents who need to take credit for this result. Redlanders are welcoming and generous and proud of their city, which plays a large role in generating happiness across the city.

“As I walk around the Redlands Coast I am always proud to be Mayor of this great place and believe it is the residents who have made it what it is today.”

Cr Williams said the study also named Redlands Coast as the third smartest in Queensland.

“We know we have some great local schools and hardworking local business people so it is no surprise our local grey-matter ranks so highly,” Cr Williams said.

Cr Williams said despite the results Council acknowledged there were improvements that could be made to increase our local happiness scale further.

“Council is currently working on a number of projects in response to community engagement, including our transport strategy, which is currently open for public consultation,” Cr Williams said.

“A key part of this will be advocating to other levels of government to improve key transport routes.

“We have also identified education and training as a key sector priority and will work to grow our education offering by working with universities to offer more opportunity, so you can expect the smarts rating to also increase.”

Visit the on Bond University’s Happiness Project website for more information.