Smoke from Straddie fire blankets mainland Redlands Coast and Southern Islands

Heavy smoke from the fire on North Stradbroke Island is affecting the southern parts of mainland Redlands Coast as well as the city’s other islands.

A change in wind direction this afternoon has caused plumes of smoke to move across to the mainland, including to the suburbs of  Sheldon, Mount Cotton and Victoria Point, as well as across the southern islands of Russell, Karragarra, Macleay, Lamb and Coochiemudlo.

The smoke is very thick in some areas giving the impression that a fire is nearby, but with the gusty prevailing winds it is blowing over from North Stradbroke Island.

Residents who see a fire should report it to Triple Zero but please be aware that heavy smoke is drifting from North Stradbroke Island.

To protect your healthy during smoky conditions:

  • minimise your physical activity outdoors. People with pre-existing lung or heart conditions, in particular, should rest as much as possible and keep away from the smoke
  • when indoors, keep the windows and doors closed. If you have an air conditioner, turn it on and switch it to ‘recycle or re-circulate’
  • if your home gets too hot for comfort or is letting in a lot of smoky air, try to visit an air-conditioned community library or shopping centre (if it is safe to do so)
  • when indoors, avoid other sources of air pollution including smoke from cigarettes and woodstoves
  • if there is a break in smoky conditions, take the opportunity to ventilate your home to improve indoor air quality
  • anyone with a lung or heart condition should keep at least seven days’ worth of medication on hand. Those with asthma should follow their personal asthma treatment plan
  • anyone experiencing breathing problems or chest  should seek medical advice immediately
  • individuals who are particularly sensitive to smoky conditions should consider temporarily moving away from the smoke-affected area and staying with a friend or relative.



o The new Redlands Coast emergency website: (also accessible via Council’s website.

o Council’s Facebook and Twitter social media channels and Council’s website.

o Local radio 612ABC and Bay FM 100.3