Public notice: Adoption of the Redland City Plan Planning Scheme Policies

Notice [PDF, 0.2MB] is given in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 that, on 22 August 2018, Redland City Council adopted the following new Planning Scheme Policies (PSPs):

  • PSP1 – Environmental Significance
  • PSP2 – Infrastructure Works
  • PSP3 – Flood and Storm Tide Hazard
  • PSP4 – Landslide Hazard
  • PSP5 – Structure Plans
  • PSP6 – Environmental Emissions

The Redland City Plan Planning Scheme Policies apply to the Redland City Council local government area and will have effect on and from 8 October 2018. The general purpose of the Planning Scheme Policies is to support the Redland City Plan; the Planning Scheme Policies include information, standards, and guidelines.

The Redland City Plan Planning Scheme Policies can be viewed online at and are available for inspection or purchase at Council’s Customer Service Centre located on the corner of Bloomfield and Middle Streets, Cleveland.

For more information, contact Council’s customer service centre on (07) 3829 8999.