Security camera policy uses the power of partnerships

Redland City Council will work with the Queensland Police and key State Government agencies to implement a new security camera policy adopted at Council’s General Meeting.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said a key part of the new policy was entering into Memorandums of Understanding with landowners and key stakeholders such as the QPS, to guide the installation and monitoring of security cameras in key areas.

“While community safety remains the responsibility of the Queensland Police Service, there is no doubt Council and state agencies play an important role as landowners of public areas such as car parks and transit areas,” Cr Williams said.

“For this reason, our adopted security camera policy focuses on the relationships between Council and other agencies and defines the role that will be played by each agency where security cameras are installed.

“I have already started this process by meeting with Translink and senior QPS representatives to see how we can work together to improve public safety at Weinam Creek.

“These discussions have been positive and I am confident this policy combined with the discussions I have already had will deliver real results for the community.

“Facebook banter does not resolve community issues, sitting down to get the facts and work through the issues in a collaborative and cooperative fashion delivers far better results for the community.

“These relationships are critical and it is important to sit down and discuss how we can work together to help our community.

“Council is not the expert on community safety and as such we will not be monitoring security cameras. Instead, where there is a need we will work with state agencies such as Translink to consider installing cameras in areas where the footage can be accessed by the QPS for evidence.

“The naturally wonderful Redlands Coast is home to a safe city with much lower crimes against property and person than other communities in the south-east.

“Through my conversations with local police it is clear that security cameras alone do not improve community safety, they are just one element in a larger community safety plan that must involve all levels of government and the broader community working together.”