New Redland City Plan adopted

Council today adopted a new Redland City Plan and agreed to expedite a potential amendment to further strengthen minimum lots sizes of 400m2 in established residential neighbourhoods.

The new plan will come into effect on 8 October 2018.

Mayor Karen Williams said now that the new Redland City Plan was adopted, Council would commence further work with the State Government on a potential future amendment to strengthen the 400m2 minimum lot size in low-density residential zones across the city.

“While the new Redland City Plan will already make it very unlikely that new residential low-density blocks of less than 400m2 could be created in established neighbourhoods, Council will request changes to further ensure that minimum lot size in those areas,” Cr Williams said.

Cr Williams said the Minister had already agreed to a minimum residential lot size of 400m2, but with a small amount of flexibility if there was existing “density and character” that reflected predominantly smaller lot sizes.

“During public consultation the community told us they don’t want small lots in our older developed areas of the city and we believe that the Minister’s existing conditions already serve to protect the established character of our neighbourhoods,” Cr Williams said.

“However, we would still like to submit a proposed amendment to guarantee the minimum lot sizes.

“The new Redland City Plan is already tougher on small lot sizes, providing much less scope than the existing planning scheme for lot sizes less than 400m2 to be approved across the city.”

The amendment decision comes after Division 7 Councillor Murray Elliott moved to adjourn a 25 June 2018 Council meeting to provide time to request State Member for Capalaba Don Brown seek a guarantee of the 400m2 minimum lot sizes from State Planning Minister Cameron Dick.

Cr Williams said development of the new Redland City Plan included significant community consultation.

“This plan represents a major investment in our city’s future,” Cr Williams said.

The new Redland City Plan delivers:

  • an easier document to understand
  • substantial simplification of zones and overlays
  • more refined and accurate mapping to identify hazards and environmental values
  • requirements for better design outcomes
  • provision for minimum lot sizes
  • providing for housing diversity and choice in urban centres
  • strengthening environmental and waterway corridor protection
  • easier planning for investment and establishing business
  • zoning on SMBIs to allow small crops
  • more flexibility for CBD development
  • clearer regulations that protects the integrity of revetment walls in canal estates.

Cr Williams said the new Redland City Plan would ensure consideration for well-designed and acceptable urban development within the urban footprint, while providing for a diversity of living options and housing choices in and around our key city centres.

“It sets a new template for protecting and enhancing the values the community identified as important, while providing simpler and clearer direction for economic, social and environmental outcomes for the city,” Cr Williams said.

“It sends a clear and consistent signal for economic investment opportunities in the city.

“The new Redland City Plan provides flexibility for CBD development and investment. It makes it easier to establish rural enterprise and encourages economic activity on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

“The document itself is a major simplification of the planning scheme document. It is easier to understand and use, removing duplicated content and adopting language and terminology consistent with other planning schemes across the State.

“At the same time, the new plan is backed by rigorous science and detailed mapping to support accurate and sensible zoning and overlays.

“The enhanced mapping provides a stronger basis for the identification of hazards areas and for accurate identification and protection of the city’s environmental values including waterways and wildlife corridors.”

The Redland City Plan is a living document and strong baseline for future land use planning and decision making in the city.

It is meant to be reflective of and adaptable to changing community and legislative expectations.

Cr Williams said that in the period since it was submitted for state approval there had been a range of proposed amendments to the City Plan that Councillors wanted to bring back to the community for comment and approval.

“Councillors have asked for the first package of major amendments to be put forward for Council consideration on 10 October 2018, two days after commencement of the new Redland City Plan,” Cr Williams said.

“Subject to agreement to go forward, the package of amendments will be submitted for community consultation and if agreed, will be submitted to the Minister for approval to adopt as amendments to Redland City Plan.”

Full details of the Redland City Plan history, background and status can be found on the Your Say Redland City website, including a suite of explanatory fact sheets and FAQs.