Redlands invests in renewal

Redland City’s 2018-19 budget invests heavily in the renewal of existing road, transport and community infrastructure such as parks.

Mayor Karen Williams said $13.8 million had been set aside in the $66.9 million capital works program to re-seal local roads as part of almost $23 million allocated to mainland and island transport and traffic projects.

“The program in this budget is aimed at ensuring existing community infrastructure is in tip-top shape, which will save the city money in the longer term.

“The commitment includes $22.9 million for road rehabilitation, including $4.45 million for the Collins Street and School of Arts Road upgrade at Redland Bay and funding for the continuation of Council’s successful Green Seal Program on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

“Another $847,000 will be spent on footpaths and $992,500 on bus shelter and seat renewals.”

With more than 330km of coastline, the Redlands Coast relies heavily on marine infrastructure, which will be a key part of this year’s capital program.

“However marine infrastructure is expensive, more so for a council of our size, so we have been seeking a commitment from the State Government, which has responsibility for marine projects, to fully fund and maintain future marine transport work.”

“This decision allows us to invest in local projects, including $3.1 million for Redland Bay’s Weinam Creek transport and parking project, and a further $7.9 million for the city’s marine infrastructure and foreshores.

“As a coastal city with island communities, our marine infrastructure is critical,” Cr Williams said.

“We have earmarked $699,175 for Victoria Point’s Masters Avenue barge ramp, which services Coochiemudlo Island.

“Other expenses include almost $6.5 million for work in the city’s canals.

“Following community consultation and changes to the way we fund canal and lake maintenance, dredging and revetment wall repairs, Council has set aside $2.3 million for the Raby Bay revetment wall upgrade program, $1.13 million for Raby Bay groyne renewal and $3.1 million for work at Aquatic Paradise.”

Parks and conservation are major beneficiaries.

“This budget includes funding for the Wellington Point Village Green and streetscape upgrades, as well as providing $2.1 million for the expansion of Redlands IndigiScapes Centre at Capalaba to cater for growing demand,” Cr Williams said.

More than $4.1 million will go towards renewing playgrounds, parks and sports fields across the city.

“Parks in every division will get new equipment, features or amenities. These are priorities as our parks are vital to the wellbeing of residents and help to foster the strong sense of community we enjoy in the Redlands,” Cr Williams said.

“In addition, Council will also provide almost $1.9 million to our libraries, Redland Performing Arts Centre and the Redland Art Gallery for public art and acquisitions.’’

More than $6.3 million will fund waste, water and wastewater projects, including wastewater treatment plant and sewerage pump upgrades.

Capital expenditure program at a glance:

  • $22.9 million for roads projects, including the Green Seal Program, Regional Road Alliance Program and resurfacing and rehabilitation programs.
  • $16.6 million for infrastructure, including footpaths and expansion of the Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, bus shelter and seat renewals,.
  • $7.9 million for marine and foreshore projects.
  • $6.3 million for water, waste and wastewater projects.
  • More than $4.1 million to go towards renewing playgrounds, parks and sports fields.
  • $1.9 million for community and cultural development.

Major individual projects include:

  • Collins Street and School of Arts Road upgrade, Redland Bay, $4.5 million.
  • Aquatic Paradise canal trench blocks, Birkdale $3.1 million.
  • Weinam Creek parking and development project commencement, Redland Bay $3.1 million.
  • Revamp of Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, which will include a new environmental education interpretation terrace, an expanded café, a new theatrette and meeting centre, outdoor amphitheatre, new southern gardens incorporating “caring for country themes” and a new administration building $2.1 million (part of the $16.6 million for infrastructure as listed in above section).
  • Groyne renewal, Raby Bay $1.1 million.
  • Masters Avenue  barge ramp, Victoria Point $699,175.
  • Charlie Buckler Sportfield carpark renewal and expansion, Redland Bay $622,240.
  • Three Paddocks Park carpark and public amenities, Birkdale/Wellington Point $552,000.
  • Station Master’s Cottage project, Cleveland $501,983.
  • Village Green and streetscape upgrades, Wellington Point $388,026.
  • Masters Avenue seawall, Victoria Point $357,139.
  • David Parr Park renewal, Alexandra Hills $371,131.
  • Cascades Gardens water feature renewal, Victoria Point $200,000.
  • Willard’s Farm restoration, Birkdale $100,000.
  • Seeana Drive Park renewal, Mt Cotton $168,435.
  • Wimborne Road Park renewal, Alexandra Hills $164,175.

Visit the Redland City Council website for more information.