Have your say on dogs, parking and other proposed local law amendments from 23 May

All members of the community are invited to have their say on a collection of draft local law amendments put before Redland City Council’s general council meeting this week.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the amendments were among the first to be considered since the adoption of an entire new suite of local laws in 2015 based on the State Governments model local laws.

“Suggestions for the latest batch of draft amendments were received from various sources and span a number of topics including the keeping of cats and dogs, shipping containers, shopping trolley removal and new regulated parking areas,” Cr Williams said.

“While some of the proposed amendments are purely administrative, others will have a direct impact on various member of our community.

“Community consultation is always the first step in our local law amendment process and your opportunity to provide feedback on potential changes that may affect you.

“All properly made submissions received during the 38 day consultation period – 23 May to 29 June – will be considered, before a report and revised draft amendments are returned to Council for further consideration. Should they be endorsed by Council the drafts will be submitted for review by the State Government.”

From 23 May, you will be able to view and have your say on these draft local law amendments on the Your Say Redland City website.

Alternatively, you can visit a Council Customer Service Centre (in Cleveland, Victoria Point and Capalaba) or an island library to view printed copies of the amendments and pick up a printed submission form.

Completed submission forms, or your own properly made submission, can be:

  • emailed to rcc@redland.qld.gov.au writing Local Law Amendments in the subject field;
  • posted to PO Box 21, Cleveland, QLD, 4163; or
  • dropped into a Council Customer Service Centre.

All submissions must be received by close of business 13 June 2018.

List of new laws or amendments

Law being amended or added Proposed change How could this affect you?
Subordinate Local Law 1.19 (Placement of Shipping Containers, Railway Carriages and Other Objects on Land) 2018 To regulate objects not defined as a building or structure under the Building Act 1975.

Why? To ensure a container, railway carriage of other object is located in accordance with appropriate zoning, design, dimension and appearance conditions.

You may have to obtain approval for location of a shipping containers and railway carriages on your land.

You may be required to keep the container or carriage in good order and condition or to remove the container or carriage by a specified date.

Local Law No 2. (Animal Management) 2015 To exempt cats from wearing registration tags

Why? Safety of the animals

Your cat won’t need to wear its registration tag any more.
Subordinate Local Law 1.5 (Keeping of Animals) 2015


To remove compassionate grounds for a third animal permit.

Why? Brings us in line with neighbouring councils.

Compassionate grounds do not have to be met in your application to keep an extra dog on your property (up from two to three).
Subordinate Local Law 1.5 (Keeping of Animals) 2015


To include a four dog permit

Why? Brings Redlands in line with neighbouring councils.

You could apply to keep four dogs if your property is 4000 m2 or larger.


Subordinate Local Law 1.5 (Keeping of Animals) 2015


To specify a fence is a physical barrier.

Why? Perceived and actual community safety.

Electric and virtual fences would need to be replaced by a physical barrier if you keep dogs.

A house would not be considered an enclosure.

Local Law 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2015 To regulate the removal of shopping trolleys from retail precincts

Why? Amenity, environmental and safety

Retailers remain responsible for trolley retrieval but you could be fined for removing a trolley from the retail precinct.
Local Law 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2015 To amend criteria for native bird feeding on residential properties

Why? So it doesn’t cause a nuisance (such as noise, waste, odour and property damage) to adjoining or nearby land.

You could be subject to a penalty (up to 50 units).
Subordinate Local Law 5 (Parking) 2015 To add regulated off-street parking areas throughout the City including North Stradbroke Island, Macleay Island, Weinam Creek, Redland Bay Victoria Point, Wellington Point and Capalaba.

Why? To allow for the regulation of specified parking in those areas, which includes the ability to prescribe enforceable parking time limits or a parking prohibition.

The impact is to provide some new regulated parking areas and to designate other off-street spaces as no parking, subject to regulation.