Explore Material Matters at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

Redlands residents will be treated to a thought provoking art exhibition when Material Matters comes to Redland Art Gallery Cleveland on Sunday 3 June 2018.

Material Matters, by acclaimed Brisbane-based artist Kay S Lawrence, includes photographic works, sculptures and video.

The artworks feature objects from the natural environment: driftwood, branches and tree trunks juxtaposed with embroidery, knitting and textiles.

Ms Lawrence said she used her art to provoke discussion, thought and community engagement.

“Through Material Matters I want to explore and re-negotiate the relationship between nature and culture,” Ms Lawrence said.

“Rather than preach to an audience and tell them how to interpret my work, I invite them to view my art and discover what it means to them.”

Having completed artist residencies in Japan, China, the United States of America, Norway and Iceland, Ms Lawrence is inspired by the natural environment.

An accountant, business woman, and mother first, Ms Lawrence began a fine arts degree in 2000, before studying honours and then achieving her PhD in 2014.

“It’s like the two hemispheres of my brain were competing for supremacy – the rational, accounting side versus the creative, artistic side. The artistic side won in the end.”

Material Matters is on at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland from Sunday 3 June until Sunday 15 July 2018.

Exhibition Opening Event.

When: from 6.30pm,  Friday 1 June

Where: Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland, Cnr Middle and Bloomfield St

Floor Talk and Morning Tea

10am. Sunday 17 June at Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

Enjoy a morning tea and hear from Kay S Lawrence.