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Mayor seeks a share of $220M Mobile Black Spot funding

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has visited the Federal Government to lobby for improved mobile phone service as part of the Australian Government’s $220M black spot funding program.

Cr Williams said Council had been lobbying the Federal Government for years for additional mobile coverage in the Redlands, particularly North Stradbroke Island and Russell Island.

“There are a number of locations in Redland City where mobile coverage is less than ideal and we have been asking the Federal Government to prioritise these areas for a number of years,” she said.

“Of particular concern are North Stradbroke Island and Russell Island, with the current lack of reliable mobile coverage creating community and safety concerns.

“I met with the office of Minister for Regional Communications, Bridgette McKenzie in Canberra on Wednesday and requested North Stradbroke Island and Russell Island be included in the next round of black spot funding.

“The Russell Island fire review clearly identified improved mobile services as critical to the island and I am committed to working with the Federal Government and telecommunication companies to deliver these upgrades.”

Cr Williams said her recent visit to the Minister’s office followed an approach to the State and Federal Government for a coordinated approach to improving mobile coverage following the Russell Island fires in December 2016 and North Stradbroke Island fires in December 2014.

“The isolation of our island communities is always a concern, but the potential risks become all too apparent during disasters such as the fires that have decimated both Straddie and Russell Island in recent years,” she said.

“Last year I wrote to state and federal departments, along with telecommunication companies, requesting a coordinated approach to overcome the lack of communication services on these islands, as well as other community issues.”

Local celebrities pay tribute to a local boy with a vision

Wally Lewis, players from Brisbane Heat, Redlands Cricketers, and other high profile locals will be in attendance this Sunday 18th February at the unveiling of “Andy’s Net” at Three Paddocks Park Cricket Net Facility, Bath Street End, Wellington Point.

Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams said though Andrew Bancroft had tragically passed away in 2010, his brother Evan had ensured his legacy lives on by asking that the net be named in his brother’s memory.

“Evan came up with the plan in 2016 when he recalled the memories of the fun and battles the four fiercely competitive brothers had in that net.

“The recently replaced cricket net was renamed “Andy’s Net”, in honour of the former local resident, who approached Council as a child in 1978 to have a cricket net installed at the end of his street.

“Despite his family dismissing it as a cute idea, young Andy encouraged residents of his street to sign a petition which ultimately delivered. Council turned up to erect the net two weeks later.

Deputy Mayor, Wendy Boglary said the plaque acknowledges how a single person can make a difference in the local community.”

“We will unveil the name plaque to an audience of Andrew’s friends, family, loved ones and some cricket-loving locals this Sunday between 9:00am-9:45am,” Cr Boglary said.

Koala food tree and others icons at risk from vandalism

Two significant, iconic trees, including a tier-one, high-value Koala food tree, have been vandalised by hacking,  drilling, nailing, and poisoning, and Council is calling on anyone noticing suspicious behaviour to report it to Council or Crimestoppers immediately.

Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams said the eyes and ears of Redlanders are needed to catch these vandals.

“I’m appalled at this environmental vandalism and selfish behaviour on some of the City’s most significant and valuable trees.

One of the iconic trees under attack is the Gum tree in O’Connell Parade, Wellington Point which is aged somewhere between 60-70 years old. This tree had a hatchet or similar weapon taken to the roots, has been drilled and a chemical substance applied for a second time.

“Until vandalised this was one of the healthiest trees forming the corridor of Koala food trees along O’Connell Parade through to Beachcrest Street, and down to Wellington Point Reserve,” she said.

Deputy Mayor, Wendy Boglary said the tree is critical for the linkage through the corridor, which creates both a food source and a refuge from vehicles and domestic animals, for koalas and other native animals.

“The second iconic tree under attack in the past week is a Poinciana tree, an iconic symbol that sits at the top of the Redland City coat-of-arms, and which has ties back to the eighteen hundreds when first plantings occurred in the Redlands by a then Councillor.”

“This beautiful, irreplaceable Poinciana situated at 346 Main Road, Wellington Point is over 40 years old and one of the more mature trees in the Avenue of Poinciana along Main Road at Wellington Point.

“People come from far and wide to see Wellington Point in full bloom.”

“Council officers tell me the repeated hacking at the wound may be an attempt to speed the decay of the tree,” Cr Boglary said.

Redland City Council officers are closely monitoring and managing these trees to prolong their life for the communities benefit.

To report suspicious behaviour please call Council’s Customer Service on 3829 8999 or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

Council launches cyber respect campaign

Redland City Councillors today took a unanimous stand against disrespectful online behaviour by publicly committing not to ‘sledge’ on social media, and encouraging others to do the same.

Mayor Karen Williams said councillors today voted to support the development of a #pledgenot2sledge social media campaign to encourage greater respect online and encourage more respectful online behaviour.

“Disrespect and vitriol on social media is getting out of hand and it is time we as a community said enough is enough,” Cr Williams said

“Recent cases in media have highlighted the tragic and life-changing consequences of online bullying and negative, abusive and disrespectful social media commentary.

“The world has changed and this is a real issue being faced not only by our city, but communities everywhere.

“The law is unable to control it and social media companies themselves are powerless to stop it; so the #pledgenot2sledge campaign is designed to use the power of the community to raise the bar on how we interact on social media.”

Cr Williams thanked her fellow councillors for committing to the campaign and in doing so helping to encourage respect on social media.

“All councillors have taken the initiative to launch this campaign in recognition of the significant influence community leaders and adults have on the behaviour of others – we need to set the example,” Cr Williams said.

“Recent discussions about cyber bullying have focussed on teenagers and youth, but we can’t lose sight of the fact that we as adults set the example and if we want to help reduce the impacts of social media on our children we need to live by the same standards we expect from them.

“While councillors have started this campaign it is not about us; this is designed to set a standard within our community that will ultimately benefit our residents.

“This isn’t about lecturing the rest of the community, I think politicians need to put our hands up and admit we don’t always act as we should on social media.  But a bit of self-reflection can be a good thing and today councillors drew a line in the sand by committing to this campaign.

“While esafety education and reporting operate at State and Federal levels, at a local level we can make a difference and together help the Redlands rise above the social media trolling and attacks.

“I know the change won’t happen overnight, we are essentially looking to change what has in many respects become a culture; it will take some time and the support of the entire community but I am confident as a city we can make a difference.

“Following today’s decision I will be writing to all levels of government, local schools, businesses and community groups and asking them to get on board to support the #pledgenot2sledge campaign.

“I have also had preliminary discussions with the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) about rolling the campaign out across all other councils in Queensland to make this a campaign to affect communities across the state.

“I will also write to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and ask for her government’s support.

“This campaign complements the work the Premier has already begun with her recent round table about cyber bullying.”

Redland City Councillors take the #PledgeNot2Sledge

How to get involved in the #pledgenot2sledge campaign:

  • Display the #pledgenot2sledge banner and profile images, available on Council’s website, on your social media pages.
  • If you see instances of disrespect, abuse or bullying on social media comment with #pledgenot2sledge. Do not engage beyond this with negative or disrespectful social media comments.
  • Share the campaign with your friends and family and encourage them to take the #pledgenot2sledge
  • Shoot a short video committing to not sledging on social media and upload using the campaign hashtag #pledgenot2sledge
  • Most importantly: don’t disrespect, sledge or abuse anyone on social media.

For #pledgenot2sledge information and digital graphics to show your support, visit the Redland City Council website.

If you are a victim of negative social media behaviour including cyberbullying, illegal content and image-based abuse, more information on how to get help and where to report this can be found by visiting the Office of the eSafety Commissioner website.


The #pledgenot2sledge is a community social media campaign and does not replace online regulation or reporting mechanisms.