Cleveland Power appeals discontinued

Council has agreed in a resolution at this week’s General Meeting to settle two appeals in the Planning and Environment Court with Cleveland Power Pty Ltd.

Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams said Cleveland Power has had Court approval for development of a Biomass power plant at Mount Cotton for nearly eleven years, which was due to expire in September 2016.

“Prior to the expiry the developer had sought approval from Council to extend the approval by a further eighteen months.

“Council unanimously opposed the request in March 2017 and the developer appealed to the Planning and Environment Court,” Cr Williams said.

“In December 2017 the appeal was joined by an application to change the approval.

“Neither Court proceedings had progressed very far when the developer sought agreement from Council to settle both matters.

“Council has agreed and the proceedings will be discontinued by the developer.

“With the proceedings discontinued, it means the approval has now lapsed and a new development application would need to be lodged with Council to be assessed, should the project go ahead.

“Any such application would also require public notification with the right to submissions for members of the public.

Divisional Councillor Julie Talty said, “the original approval was given in 2007 and this has dragged on with several extension requests being made”.

“Many new residents have moved into the area since the original approval was given, and have not had a chance to make a submission about this development.

“After nearly 11 years this approval has lapsed.

“Should the company wish to proceed with a similar project, a new application would need to be lodged and this would be subject to public consultation.”