Make ‘No Plastic Bags’ your New Year resolution for 2018

Redland City Council’s environmental education centre, Indigiscapes is encouraging Redlanders to create a new habit by trading plastic bags for more sustainable options.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said a new education campaign at IndigiScapes showed residents how they could make a difference to the local environment by reducing waste.

“While we do make a difference individually, collectively the impact is so much greater and we should all do our part in making Redlands more sustainable.

“Redlands waterways, both fresh and marine, are so important to our lifestyle and the ecosystem in which we all live work and play, and there is substantial evidence of the danger plastics pose to these environments,” Cr Karen Williams said.

Divisional Councillor Murray Elliott said small changes to every day habits make a large difference to reducing the overall plastic footprint in the Redlands.

Service Manager Environment and Education, Pippa Donaldson said we need to collectively reduce our use of single use plastics by using refillable drink bottles, taking a reusable cup when we buy coffee, choose a drink without a plastic straw and make sure we separate and dispose of plastics in the correct recycle bins.

“For more information on reduction of plastic use take the time to visit Indigiscapes and listen to our expert speakers in our education programs which are designed to help you make the change to improved habits.

The Redlands IndigiScapes Centre boasts guided tours, a gift shop, nature trails with audio tours through their native botanic gardens, a Tea Garden Café serving bush tucker, conference facilities and events and educational workshops.

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