Council tags graffiti vandals in Court

Redland City Council has helped provide evidence leading to the successful charging of another Redland graffiti vandal.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the latest wilful property damage vandalism charges against tagger ‘famo’, underscores the benefits of police and community collaboration using the Vandaltrak system

“The latest charge now brings the total of graffiti vandals identified or charged to 32 since the introduction of a new Council tracking system in 2013.

“The irony for these graffiti vandals is that by leaving their unique signature we are able to follow their path of damage and ultimately include these details and costs in future criminal charges and reparation costs.

“Another serial offender using the tag RALF was charged back in August this year after an eighteen month investigation,” Cr Karen Williams said.

“Using hand writing analysis and linking the offenders’ tags in the back ground across different locations the tagger “Ralf” pleaded guilty in Cleveland Magistrates Court to 91 willful damage by graffiti offences with almost $2,000 sought in restitution costs.

“With the close cooperation of the Queensland Police Service, the community and the use of the Vandaltrak system, we are now able to provide the strong supporting documentation evidence to bring offenders to court.

“Since April 2013 when the system was fully adopted the level of monthly tagging has gradually declined from a high of 294 to 93 in 2016.

“While it appears a number of new graffiti vandals have become active in recent months, our investigative processes have moved with the times and offenders are being caught, said Acting Sergeant Brendon Winslow of the Bayside District Crime Prevention Unit.

He again warned of the serious penalties for defacing property with graffiti, which includes up to five years in prison.

“Possessing an aerosol spray, marker or other instrument which is used or suspected to be used for graffiti carries a penalty of up to $2523 or 1 year in prison.

“Community members who have had their property damaged are understandably upset and are only too willing to cooperate by providing information and also help identify offenders,” Acting Sergeant Winslow said.

“The increasing availability of both private and public security cameras along with eye witness reports is also helping.”

Mayor Karen Williams encouraged people to sign up and report graffiti using the very effective Vandaltrak App which allows Council to respond directly to the community much faster and more efficiently than other systems.

Help Clean up Graffiti in the Redlands – Report Graffiti using the VandalTrak website or mobile app