Amity Point erosion update – December 2017

Redland City Council has completed works to Council-owned land used to provide track and beach access near Toompany Street, Amity Point following a shoreline erosion event in November.

The main rock wall at the site of the erosion event has had a substantial amount of rock placed behind the face and a 27m wall extension has been constructed at its northern end.  Around 1122m3 of rock has been placed at the site.

Council is also undertaking works to topsoil the area and install signage and temporary fencing.

At this stage, the site will remain closed to public access for approximately three months until it is further rehabilitated and permanent fencing and signage installed. Ongoing access to private property through the site will be reviewed and discussed with landowners early in the new year.

We ask residents and visitors to follow signage and keep out of the closed area for their own safety and the protection of the site.

Amity Point is identified as one of Queensland highest areas of coastal erosion risk.  During the past three years Council has established a high level working group with State and private sector experts and a local community reference group to develop plans to mitigate future impacts of local erosion.

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