Survey helps shape Redlands’ identity

Redlanders still have an opportunity to help shape the new destination brand for the city through an online survey.

The Redland City Council survey, which is open to Saturday 9 December, seeks feedback on community-inspired suggestions for the new brand name and logo for the Redlands.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the destination brand was different to the Council’s logo and slogan and was designed to drive tourism and business opportunities in the city as well as bolster city pride.

“We want to create a distinctive identity which can be used to tell the world how great it feels to be in the Redlands,’’ Cr Williams said.

“Throughout 2017, Council has been talking with locals, businesses and visitors to the city about what they would like to see as our brand and the ideas you will see in this survey have been inspired by those suggestions and feedback.

“Do you prefer ‘Naturally Wonderful’ or ‘Wonder Full’ as catch phrases which capture the essence of our city? And would you prefer us to be known as  ‘Redland’,  ‘Redland Coast’ or ‘Redlands Coast’?

“Redlands Coast’ and ‘Redland Coast’ were surprise names put forward in our focus groups and reflect the 220km of coastline we have in the Redlands, including our mainland and island shorelines.

“Why not tell us what you think and help us refine those ideas by spending 10 minutes or so doing the survey.

“Once the survey closes, the feedback will be used to shape the final destination brand for Redland City, which will be used to promote our city as a wonderful place to visit and do business.’’

You will find the survey at