Council meets with state hopefuls

Candidates in the upcoming state election had the opportunity to meet with Redland City Mayor Karen Williams and councillors last week to outline where they stand on key priorities for the city.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said while only five of the 15 candidates took up the invitation to meet with councillors, the meetings had yielded positive discussions.

The candidates who took the opportunity to meet with the Mayor and councillors were: David Keogh (Greens candidate for the seat of Redlands), Julie Talty (LNP candidate for the seat of Springwood), Matt McEachan (LNP candidate for the seat of Redlands), Jason Lavender (Independent for the seat of Capalaba), John Taylor (civil liberties party candidate for Springwood).

“It is a little disappointing that more candidates didn’t take the opportunity to outline their commitments for this week’s state election so our community knows where they stand on these important issues,” Cr Williams said.

“I am concerned the Redlands is being left behind in this election and this was an opportunity to ask all candidates to commit to advocating for the Redlands if they are elected this Saturday.”

Cr Williams said discussion during the meetings focused on the priorities outlined in Council’s state advocacy document, including upgrading state roads and public transport and increased funding for the transition of North Stradbroke Island.

“Our message to all candidates is simple – if you are elected by your community we would hope you will stand up for the priorities our city needs now and in the future, regardless of what party you are or aren’t in,” Cr Williams said.

“In other words we want local members to represent the community not just their party.

“Our state advocacy document outlines six priority areas and asks all candidates to advocate for these projects and initiatives if they are elected.

“Councillors voted in favour of these priorities on behalf of the community and we are calling on candidates to take them to George Street if they are elected.

“I know I speak for all councillors when I say we are committed to working with all local members and all political parties who are elected, to provide for the city and I am asking candidates to make the same commitment.”

Cr Williams said a key theme during the meetings was the need for the unique nature of the Redlands to be recognised and funded accordingly.

“The Redlands may be geographically close to Brisbane, but we have our own unique character, our own challenges and our own opportunities and we deserve local members who recognise, celebrate and advocate for our uniqueness,” she said.

“I would like to thank those candidates who took the time to meet with use, I realise it is a very busy time for them and I wish all candidates the best.

“I have also written to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Tim Nicholls and Steve Dickson and asked them to visit the Redlands during the election to see for themselves where state funding is needed and I await a response to this invitation.”

The responses from candidates to the priorities outlined by Council can be found on Council’s website.