Council acts on North Stradbroke Island erosion and safety

Redland City Council will be undertaking emergency work over coming days to try to slow or halt a second outbreak of shoreline erosion on North Stradbroke Island and make the area safe for the coming holidays.

General Manager, Infrastructure and Operations, Peter Best said that since last weekend’s high tides, erosion has been occurring on Council owned land used to provide track and beach access.

“The incident occurred at the Amity Point end of Flinders Beach near Toompany Street.

“Council has acted quickly to fence off the area; inform an adjacent property owner and seek State Government approval for the priority work to begin so that the area can be made safe.

“The area of erosion over the past few days has increased and now reaches what was once an informal car parking area and has impacted on earlier work undertaken by Council in September when the area first started to erode.

“There is no magic bullet for dealing with the highly complex and powerful natural coastal dynamics at work at Amity Point, which is recognized as one of Queensland’s highest areas of coastal erosion risk.

“Fortunately over the past three years, Council has established a high level working group with State and private sector experts and a local community reference group to develop plans to mitigate future impacts of local erosion, Mr Best said.

After consulting with engineers, Council has agreed to purchase rock for the foreshore area and construct a structure known as a flow slide barrier. This work is underway.

The work of these coastal erosion groups is available for information on Councils website.