Council urges Redland residents to ‘get connected’ with neighbours

Redland City Council is urging residents to connect with their neighbours to discuss vegetation and property management and for support during disasters.

Redland City Mayor and Local Disaster Management Group Chair Karen Williams said Council has been proactive asking residents to help ‘spring clean’ their properties this season.

Cr Williams says it’s also important to check on neighbours’ bushfire and storm season preparations.

“Residents need to recognise the risks they face from unmaintained or overgrown properties adjacent to their own, and discuss the situation with their neighbours,” Cr Williams said.

“If people don’t know their neighbours or if there’s an empty block of land or an untenanted property next door they can contact Council to get the details of the neighbouring property owners.

Residents can call Council’s Call Centre on 3829 8999 to get the name and contact address of the person who owns the adjoining property.

“We don’t want people being put at risk due to lack of maintenance of surrounding land or residences during a storm or bushfire,” Cr Williams.

To prepare for bushfire and storm season, residents need to get ready in case of an emergency.

Be informed – know the risks in your area and who can help:

  • check for updates on 612 ABC radio, Redland City Council’s website, Council’s Facebook page and Twitter account and the Bureau of Meteorology
  • share these sources of information with your neighbours

Make a plan: make a household emergency plan in case an emergency strikes:

  • have adequate insurance, think about your family and pets
    to create a plan Google ‘prepare an emergency plan, Qld’ or ask your local library to call it up online, print it and fill it in
  • let people know what you plan to do in an emergency so people know if you’re safe.

Get an emergency kit – organise what you need to pack for survival and recovery:

  • pack a torch or lights, a radio, cash, medication, a first aid kit, batteries, protective clothing and pet food
  • recovery items include identification, copies of important documents, photos of valuable household items cash, insurance details and proof of ownership of your house and car

Know your neighbours – get to know your neighbours and talk to family and friends:

  • get to know people around you so you can turn to each other for help
  • if you don’t have family or friends nearby and wish to have more social contact, consider organising a free daily call from the Red Cross, or a weekly chat with a volunteer by calling 1300 885 698.

Visit the Redlands Disaster Plan website for more information.