Wellington Point mural to welcome visitors from near and far

Wellington Point is now home to a new larger-than-life mural in Oceanic Street, capturing some of Redlands’ most dedicated annual visitors.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the mural, entitled ‘We visit every year’, featured bird species that migrate to Redlands, and would highlight Wellington Point as a place of leisure and visitation.

“Queensland artist, Deb Mostert has done an amazing job capturing the essence of Wellington Point with her playful and insightful take on the area’s popularity,” Cr Williams said.

“Mostert’s image explores ideas around migratory birds on an island with a vintage suitcase referencing holidays, travel over water, islands, tourism, locals, returning visitors, regulars and the bay.”

Cr Wendy Boglary and artist Deb Mostert at the newly installed We visit every year mural.

Deputy Mayor and divisional Councillor for Wellington Point Cr Wendy Boglary said the mural design had followed community consultation and was the latest in a series of public art commissioned by Redland City Council to revitalise Wellington Point Village.

“We have been gathering insights from the local community about what they would like to see in Wellington Point, and public art has been high on this list,” Cr Boglary said.

“Murals such as this boast visitation, tourism and economic growth for the area as well as raising environmental awareness.

We visit every year will add further vibrancy and colour to our streetscapes, drawing new people to the area, while celebrating some of nature’s most amazing and dedicated visitors.

“Deb went through a research process to develop her concept, spending time with the Queensland Waders Group studying local migratory species in Moreton Bay.

“The mural depicts five different wader species including the threatened Curlew Sandpiper and the Eastern Curlew which both live for six months of each year in Moreton Bay and may be seen in the Geoff Skinner Wetlands Reserve, not far from the mural site.

“These birds are a unique asset to Wellington Point, travelling thousands of kilometres across the ocean to return to their homes on our inter tidal wetlands.”

The Wellington Point Village mural project has been curated and managed by CreativeMove as part of Creative Arts Redlands’ Public Art Program.

Mural creator Deb Mostert’s arts background includes drawing, painting and small sculpture and she has an interest in photography (trivial objects, small wares, trifles).

“We need to have art that shows us that beauty, grace and truth still exist. I feel I am searching for ways to talk about these themes using gentle, offbeat narratives and a crisp aesthetic.”

For more information on arts initiatives in Redlands, visit the Redland Art Gallery website.

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