Swap weeds for free trees

Swap your garden weeds for free native plants on Saturday 5 August (9am – 2pm) at Redlands IndigiScapes Centre during Trees for Weeds Day.

Redland City Deputy Mayor Wendy Boglary said Council was offering up to five local native plants per person in an effort to rid the Redlands of unruly, invasive weeds that threaten native wildlife and habitats.

“These weed swaps are just as popular today as when Council first offered them in 2000, with residents able to snag up to five plants, one for each bag of weeds they surrender.

“It’s a great incentive for locals to prepare their gardens before spring and complements Council’s own commitment to put one million native plants in the ground by 2026.

“The upcoming expansion of the IndigiScapes nursery – due to start this financial year – is expected to boost availability of native species for Council’s planting program as well as Bushcare and community plantings. Community events such as Trees for Weeds will also benefit,” Cr Boglary said.

“I urge Redlanders to support our efforts to improve local wildlife corridors by taking a look at what’s growing in their own backyards. Some of the most common garden plants are actually invasive and prolific weeds which cause damage by outcompeting native species when they escape into surrounding bushland.”

“We can all do our natural environment a favour by removing weeds and replacing them with easy-to-keep native plants which provide essential food and shelter for a variety of wildlife including our native bees.

“You’re welcome to bring all weeds into Trees for Weeds day with this year’s main focus on Dutchmans Pipe, Creeping Lantana, Molasses Grass and Coral Creeper.

“Council’s Bushcare officers will be available on the day to provide advice on how to identify and remove weeds and suggest suitable natives to replace them.

“Another Trees for Weeds Day will follow at six bay island locations on 19 August,” Cr Boglary said.

Target Weeds for 2017

Dutchmans Pipe

This Restricted Plant is a fast growing, twining vine with heart-shaped glossy leaves and distinctive ‘Dutchmans pipe’ shaped reddish-purple flowers. It’s leaves are poisonous to the larvae of native butterflies.

Coral Creeper

This creeping shrubby plant has bright red tubular flowers. It is an emerging weed, infesting the understory of bushland and potentially waterways.

Creeping Lantana

 This Restricted Plant is perennial and sprawling, with small purple flowers (with a yellow or white centre) and small purplish to black berries in autumn. It’s often spread to bushland by dumping of garden waste or seed.

Molasses Grass 

This Environmental Weed is a spreading, densely smothering perennial mat grass with strong odour resembling molasses. Its slender flower heads are purplish when young. It spreads from roads and tracks adjacent to bushland and is highly flammable.

Mainland Trees for Weeds Day Details

When: 9am-2pm, Saturday 5 August.

Where: Redland IndigiScapes Centre Nursery, Runnymede Road, Capalaba

Straddie and Bay Islands Trees for Weeds Events:

When: 8.30-10.30am, Saturday 19 August

Where: Six island locations on North Stradbroke, Karragarra, Coochiemudlo, Macleay, Russell and Lamb islands

Island target weeds

 Asparagus Fern

Mother of Millions