Queensland’s first chaplaincy workshop

Chaplains and church leaders from across the Redlands will learn more about caring for people during a disaster at a special Council-organised workshop on 24-25 May.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the workshop would be the first of its kind in Queensland and followed recognition by Council that chaplains played an important role in helping communities cope with, and recover from, emergencies.

“The workshop has been organised by Council’s disaster management team to train chaplains and religious leaders to provide spiritual and emotional care to victims and rescuers in disasters and high-risk emergency environments,” Cr Williams said.

“Chaplains take their care and comfort to where it is needed, often without a thought for themselves and that can be high risk, both physically and emotionally. It was something which Redland City Council recognised late last year when chaplains from more than 15 groups attended a two-day workshop at Cleveland to examine their role during disaster events.”

“It was decided that it was critical to ensure that our chaplains had an insight into disaster management and how best to work with those who had suffered from the trauma of disaster. “Redland City Council wants to ensure our chaplains are as prepared as they can be for any eventuality.”

Cr Williams, who will open the two-day workshop, said it would be led by National Disaster Recovery Officer Rev. Dr. Stephen Robinson of the Uniting Church, who will help establish a Local Disaster Management Group multi-denominational chaplaincy team.

“Dr Robinson has vast experience working with communities before and after emergency situations,” Cr Williams said.”

“Over the two days, our chaplains will learn much about the nationally recognised chaplaincy program which has been specifically tailored for Queensland and, importantly, Redland City.”