Council issues first approvals for Shoreline community

Redland City Council has approved the first 205 residential lots for the Shoreline master plan community at Redland Bay South, but has asked the applicant to do more work before the green light is given for a further two stages.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council today voted on the first three stages of the $2.3 billion Shoreline community, approving one stage, but only agreeing to the other two stages if the applicant could prove there would be no impact from a nearby poultry farm.

“Today we issued a development permit for Stage 1C of the plan, which will see 205 residential lots, 1.6 hectares of community parkland and upgrades to three major intersections in Redland Bay,” she said.

“As part of this decision we have also asked the applicant to do some more work regarding the potential impact of a nearby poultry farm on 139 lots in Stages 1A and 1B.

“Under our planning scheme, residential properties can’t be built within 500 metres of a poultry facility and we aren’t yet satisfied the homes proposed in these areas won’t be impacted by odour.

“The applicant will now have to provide a third party assessment proving there won’t be any impact before we grant a development permit for these additional two stages or provide sufficient evidence the poultry farm has been abandoned.”

Cr Williams said Shoreline had been planned over more than a decade and approved by the State Government in February 2015.

“When complete, Shoreline will deliver $100 million in infrastructure – including major upgrades to state roads and tens of millions of dollars in other infrastructure at no cost to ratepayers.

“The project will not only create new homes for our residents, but also generate thousands of constructions jobs, as well as an estimated 1800-1900 other new jobs within the Shoreline urban area after construction.”

Division 6 Councillor Julie Talty said today’s decision provided approval to start work on the first stage of the project, with applications for a number of other stages to follow for the 279 hectares master plan community.

“It is expected to take 15 years before this community is complete across a number of stages, with considerable community infrastructure such as road upgrades and community parks to be delivered along the way,” Cr Talty said.

“Approval of stage 1C gives the applicant the go ahead to start work on 205 lots, and will trigger upgrades to intersections at Giles/Gordon/Redland Bay Rd, Boundary St/Redland Bay Rd and Double Jump/Redland Bay Road.

“The State Government has also conditioned multi-million dollar upgrades to eight major intersections over the life of the development and road works north and south of the development, including the duplication of Serpentine Creek Road.

“Before any residential lots can be sold the applicant must also get approval a dedicated wastewater treatment plant, which will be decided under a different application.”