Have your say on Planning Scheme Policies and Local Law change

Have your say on Redland City Council’s proposed new Planning Scheme Policies (PSPs) and a subordinate local law change over the coming month.

Planning Scheme Policies (PSPs):  26 April to 24 May 2017

Redland City Council today agreed to release six Planning Scheme Policies (PSPs) for public consultation.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said these PSPs, which are part of the Draft Redland City Plan but subordinate to the assessments codes and the higher level Strategic Framework, provide operational guidance on matters of environment, infrastructure standards, hazards, structure plans and emissions.

“The legislative name of Planning Scheme Policies is misleading as they didn’t contain policy statements at all,” she said.

Rather, the six PSPs provide guidance ranging from preparing a structure plan to the design of roads within new developments. PSPs are not hard and fast requirements but guidance on preferred outcomes. 

“As such, they are not required to be submitted to the Government for State Interest Review, however, they have been thoroughly workshopped by Councillors with support of Council staff and will be available for public consultation from  Wednesday 26 April up to and including Wednesday 24 May 2017.” 

Copies of the PSP documents will be available for reading in Council Customer Service Centres and from and Your Say Redland City, where you can also make an online submission.

Properly made submissions must identify the full name and address details of the submitter and should clearly identify the policy or policies being commented on.

All properly made submissions on the draft Planning Scheme Policies will be considered and Council may make changes to the policies addressing issues raised in those submissions.

Change to Subordinate Local Law No 1.4: 2 May to 22 May 2017

Council has also agreed to make a largely administrative change to Subordinate Local Law No 1.4 to enable existing planning scheme provisions covering permanent signage provisions to be moved into the local law.

Mayor Karen Williams said that as Council’s temporary signage provisions are already included in Subordinate Local Law No 1.4, it was the obvious place for permanent signage provisions as well.

“The move was prompted by the removal of the permanent signage provisions from the new Draft Redland City Plan, now before the State Government for adoption,” she said.

The community will be able to make a formal submission on the subordinate local law from Tuesday 2 May until Monday 22 May, with the amendment available for viewing at Council Customer Service Centres and Your Say Redland City, where you can also make an online submission.