Media release: Redlands Severe weather update – ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie: 8:30pm Thursday March

More than 10,500 homes are without power as destructive winds and heavy rain is being experienced in the Redlands this evening.

Major rainfall has passed and 150mm is expected overnight. However, strong winds over 100km/ hour will be problematic well into Friday.

There remains potential for flash flooding on Redlands roads so please drive carefully and heed all warnings. Remember…if it is flooded, forget it!

The Local Disaster Management Group has been stood up to manage emergency operations with police, SES and Energex staff on the mainland and islands.

Leslie Harrison Dam

Seqwater advises Leslie Harrison Dam has started spilling excess water due to heavy rain.

If you are downstream of the dam, please avoid potential hazards such as fast flowing or deep water near waterways and floodplains. These hazards potentially threaten the safety of you and your property.

For dam release information visit:

Power Outages

A total of 10,790 Redland City houses had been reported as having lost power as at 8.30pm. These include:

  • Wellington Point – 1884
  • Thornlands – 1836
  • Macleay Island – 1792
  • Russell Island – 1475
  • Redland Bay ­– 1219
  • Thorneside – 905
  • Sheldon – 527
  • Lamb Island – 362
  • Alexandra Hills – 50
  • Capalaba – 634
  • Birkdale – 63
  • Mt Cotton – 2
  • Cleveland – 2
  • Victoria Point – 2

Stay away from fallen power lines and alert people to any danger. Report fallen power lines on 13 19 62.

If you experience blackout:

  • turn off and unplug electrical items
  • use a torch for light if you’ve lost power and avoid using
  • never use wet or damp electrical items.
  • listen to local ABC radio or Bay FM 3 for updates
  • Follow Energex on Facebook and Twitter or check the power outages page for the latest restoration

If you have a medical condition and are reliant on powered medical devices you should seek assistance from family or friends to get to a medical facility or contact emergency services. Please call 000 only for a life threatening emergency.

Road and infrastructure closures

Roads closed:

  • Allan Day Drive, Wellington Point
  • Avalon Road, Sheldon
  • Pitt Road, Wellington Point (Near Nelson Rd)
  • Ricketts Rd, Gumdale

Water over road:

  • Moores Road, Redland Bay has water across road but remains open

Other Infrastructure Closed:

  • Overflow carpark for Softball and Dog Off Leash – Sturgeon St, Ormiston (causeway under water)
  • Mt Cotton Regional Park & Skatepark Carpark, – Bohemian Crescent, Mount Cotton (Public playing areas in floodwaters)
  • Pedestrian Underpass – Hilliards Creek – Sturgeon St, Ormiston (Footpath under water)

Don’t risk your life to cross flooded areas on foot or in a vehicle irrespective of its size and remind children to stay away from floodwaters.

Transport updates

All vehicle and passenger ferry services to the islands have ceased for the evening.

QRail are experiencing delays across the network.

All buses running however there are delays across the network.

Free travel will continue on TransLink until last service today (Thursday 30 March). Normal fares will apply tomorrow (Friday 31 March).

Non-essential travel should be avoided.

Beach closures

It is expected that all beaches from Mackay to the Gold Coast will remain closed tomorrow due to powerful and potentially dangerous surf. Do not enter hazardous surf.


All public schools, private schools and childcare centres will remain closed Friday 31 March.


In emergency situations always call 000.

*Use the SES 132500 number for immediate response calls and the 000 for emergency situations.

Stay updated

Tune in to 612ABC and Bay FM for the latest advice and keep an eye on Council’s website for the latest updates or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Go to the Redland Disaster Management website and check critical information for your preparation and preparedness.