MoU strengthens Council, industry and community voice for the Redlands

Redland City Council and the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that formally provides for ongoing engagement with the Institute’s recently established Redland Advisory Panel.

Redland City Mayor Cr Karen Williams said the UDIA Qld State Council’s invitation to participate through a working group with the Redlands Advisory Panel UDIA Qld provides the Redlands with a voice in one of Australia’s most respected industry groups.

MoU Signing From left to right: Deputy Mayor Cr Wendy Boglary; Mayor Cr Karen Williams; Redland City Council CEO Bill Lyon; Chair of UDIA Qld Redland Advisory Panel ,Chris Isles and UDIA Qld CEO, Marina Vit.

“The Redlands Advisory Panel joins the UDIA’s robust branch structure across the state with eleven local Branches spanning 18 local governments and representing the industry perspective on critical issues such as local infrastructure, the economy and the creation of new communities.

“These are all matters of vital community interest as we look to our own new city plan for the next decade and respond to the influence and direction outlined in the State Government’s SEQ regional plan and planning policies,” Karen Williams said.

Deputy Mayor Cr Wendy Boglary said that by establishing the working group as a basis for a formal, open and transparent relationship with the UDIA, Council has the opportunity to work with industry knowledge and professionals at the local and state levels.

“Importantly, the combination of access to professional on-the-ground expertise coupled with a powerful and respected industry voice can help strengthen the message and communication to Government on our vital shared interest such as infrastructure.’”

“Through open collaborative communications differing community views can contribute to better Redland results.

“The MOU ensures the highest level of openness, transparency and accountability underpins all interactions between our two organisations as reflected in the UDIA’s own Code of Ethics.”

The UDIA Qld State President, Stephen Harrison said that until now the Redlands had been the only SEQ Council not covered by such an arrangement.

“I would like to thank the Deputy Mayor Cr Wendy Boglary for introducing this opportunity to Councillors.

“The decision to establish a Redlands Advisory Panel fills an important gap in the services we offer to our members, the communities they serve and to Council.

“Based on our experiences working with other Councils across SEQ and the state, enacting a formal MoU between local government and local branches offers numerous benefits.

“In addition to providing links to open transparent and ethical industry representation, an important benefit is it provides a source of local expertise which Councils may call upon when looking for important policy and project feedback and consultation,” Stephen Harrison said.

“UDIA research on significant national and regional planning issues such as consumer sentiment and housing demand across demographic groups can also help inform future planning and ultimately deliver better outcomes in new communities.

“Under the terms of the MoU and Council policy, we will publish both the text of the agreement and the working group membership as well as the record of future discussions.” Wendy Boglary said.