Media release: Redland City Council services back

Redland City Council services are up and running again as the city cleans up after ex-Tropical cyclone Debbie.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said while the rain had cleared it was important people remained vigilant to potential dangers such as trees falling after the wet weather.

“There is still a lot of water around, so people need to take precautions including staying out of flood waters,” she said.

“Flooded creeks, drains and rivers are not pools and I would urge everyone to stay away and remember the rule ‘If it’s flooded forget it’.

“With schools across the region still closed children may be tempted to have some fun in local waterways, so parents need to ensure they reinforce these important safety messages. The last thing we want is a tragedy in Redland City.”

“Flood waters can be polluted and may increase risk of diseases and infections.  Avoid swimming and contact with flood water. If you have been in contact with flood waters wash your hands with soap and water.”

The Rocky Passage area of Southern Redland Bay adjacent to Logan River may be impacted by flooding please closely monitor QFES social media.

The National Emergency Alert System is currently alerting people in the Logan and the Gold Coast areas for some evacuations. It is possible some people in the south of Redland City in areas such as the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, Redland Bay, Mt Cotton may receive the mobile phone text messages. This would only occur if the signal from the mobile towers drifts into these areas of the Redlands. There are no evacuations in Redland City.

Cr Williams said Council and SES crews were out surveying the damage, including on our islands.

“There are currently more than 100 trees down across the city and with the ground water-logged trees will continue to be vulnerable to falling over the coming days,” she said.

“It may take some time to attend to all of these trees and we appreciate people’s patience.  To report trees down contact Redland City Council on 3829 8999.

“QFES also advises there is flooding on the Logan River and while Redlands won’t see large impacts, some residents may notice higher river levels and should take care.

“ENERGEX is reporting there are currently 5702 power outages across the city, with more than 2400 of these on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. To report power outages to Energex phone 13 62 62. To report power lines down phone 13 19 62 and for general inquiries to Energex phone 13 12 53.

“Optus has also advised that there are four mobile towers down affecting residents on MacLeay Island, Lyndon Road and Duncan Road, Capalaba, Benfer and Redland Bay roads, Victoria Point and Hillview Road, Mt Cotton.

“Council sports fields will also remain closed over the weekend and officers will assess the situation on Monday.

“Waste transfer stations are open today and free for all Redland City residents to dump any green waste they may have from last night’s storm.”


Redland City Mayor Karen Williams farewells 20 of the city’s big-hearted SES volunteers who are now on their way to Townsville.

The spirit of Redlands was on show at daybreak this morning as Mayor Karen Williams farewelled 20 Redland SES volunteers who are on their way to the north of the state to help in the clean-up. (pictured).

The volunteers are travelling to Townsville and then will be dispatched to Bowen or Proserpine depending on need.

Cr Williams said a city the size of Redlands being able to send 20 SES volunteers was a great achievement and tribute to our community volunteers.

“Some of those volunteers are leaving their own homes that have no power at present,” she said.

“Last night two volunteers from our Southern Moreton Bay Islands even slept at the Council depot at Cleveland to make sure they could get on the plane today.”

The Redlands SES dealt with 58 jobs last night and has 32 to complete this morning.

To report damage to your roof or flooding, contact SES on 132500.