Amended Draft City Plan Improves Street Scapes and Design

Redland City’s amended draft city plan responds to residents’ requests for better designed homes and more aesthetic neighbourhoods.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the amended Draft City Plan endorsed by councillors at a Special Meeting today (Tuesday 28 Feb) included increased frontages and larger minimum lot sizes in some areas of the city.

“We know the Redlands is a beautiful city and we don’t want that beauty ruined by poorly designed residential properties so we have amended the Draft City Plan to ensure that doesn’t happen,” she said.

“This includes removing the opportunity for multiple dwellings in the low density zones and increased minimum lot sizes from 350m2 to 400m2 across the significant area of low density residential zoning in the city (currently Urban Residential).”

Cr Williams said Council had responded to community feedback by amending the Draft City Plan being.

“Residents told us they wanted larger lots and we have responded by strengthening the minimum lot size requirements as well as increasing the proposed 400m2 minimum lot size to 2000m2 minimum lot size for hundreds of low density residential properties in Alexandra Hills, Wellington Point and Birkdale.

“We have also changed the minimum lot size in the low-medium density zone from 250m2 to 400m2.

“Setting these restrictions, draws a line in the sand and sets an expectation for what our residents can expect to see in their community.”

Cr Williams said the amended Draft City Plan also strengthened design outcomes to retain the aesthetics of local neighbourhoods.

“The amended Draft City Plan acknowledges the need for housing diversity in the Redlands, while at the same time setting design outcomes that will mean future homes are visually pleasing,” she said.

“The draft plan includes site layout and design as separate performance outcomes, meaning Council can assess an application on building design, ensuring future neighbourhoods have well designed and laid out homes.

“These improved provisions coupled with increased environmental restrictions means our city will retain its open space and environmental characteristics.

“This is a direct response to community feedback, showing Council has listened throughout the City Plan process and has responded.”

Cr Williams said parking spaces would also increase for most new two- and three-bedroom plus units in the city.

“The amendment to the plan increases parking spaces to 1.6 spaces (up from 1.25 spaces) for a two-bedroom unit and to 2.1 spaces (also up from 1.25 spaces) for a three-bedroom plus unit within 800m of a train station and 400m of a bus stop with more than 10 services a day, which is the majority of unit blocks.”