Redlanders urged to be wary of stonefish

Redlanders and visitors should take care when wading in the bay and estuaries due to the possible presence of stonefish.

It follows an unusually high occurrence of stonefish last January, particularly at Raby Bay. Tourism operators have advised of recent sightings at Peel Island.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council was erecting warning signs at popular wading and swimming spots as a precaution.

“We just need people to be aware that stonefish can be in our waters at this time of year, so I urge all beachgoers to wear thick-soled shoes if wading in the Moreton Bay,” Cr Williams said.

“While last year’s high numbers right along the southeast Queensland coast were quite unusual, public safety is paramount and we want to make sure people understand that stonefish can be prevalent at this time of year.”

The sting from a stonefish is very painful and victims should seek immediate medical attention. Check our website for updates.