Council says transformation of Cleveland rail station needs more parking

Redland City Council has asked for more parking to be included to support a residential, tourism and retail hub proposed for the Cleveland train station.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said that the result of a Council vote today states that car parking will need to increase by 25 percent, as part of a preliminary approval for the project.

“The proposal includes 118 residential units, six tourist apartments and a café to be built at the Cleveland train station, transforming it into a centrally located residential and tourism precinct,” Cr Williams said.

“While Councillors support the project in principle, we are concerned there aren’t enough car parks for the development, so we have today voted to issue a preliminary approval on the condition the developer amend the design to provide extra parking.

“The community has told us they are concerned about the impact on CBD car parking and we have listened by requiring extra car parks before we give final approval.

“Council had also already negotiated for the developer to provide 78 new temporary parking spaces at the Redland Performing Arts Centre during construction, with the option for them to be left in place after the project.”

Divisional Councillor Cr Tracey Huges said today’s decision also includes a condition for an historic tree to be retained at the front of the Cleveland train station, rather than it being removed for a refreshment establishment to be built as part of the project.

“This tree is significant, with a potential life of up to 200 years and offering local koalas food and shelter and today’s decision asks that the project be redesigned so it doesn’t have to be removed,” she said.

“This project will provide waterfront property overlooking the beautiful Raby Bay, in a location where residents and visitors just have to walk downstairs to the train to travel to work or their next destination.

“It is an accommodation type that has existed in Brisbane and other cities for many years and it will provide additional housing options for Redlanders.

“The project offers huge economic potential for the city, with jobs to be created during construction as well as tourism potential following its completion.

“There is currently a shortage of mainland tourism accommodation in the Redlands and this project will alleviate some of that by providing accommodation in a central location close to public transport.

“It fits into our CBD and tourism incentives package in that it will attract people to the CBD and provide ready access to tourism locations, making them even more accessible and delivering economic benefits to local businesses.”