Change in process for unpaid fines

Redland City Council wishes to advise a revised process is now used to recover unpaid fines.

All fines are issued with detailed payment information. Where people have failed to pay their fine and have not responded to reminders to do so, Council may seek to recover the fine through the Magistrates Court, which may result in increased costs for those people.

Most residents remain unaffected by this change, as it only applies to those who have not taken action to pay their fines following reminder letters.

Local councils are responsible for enforcing their local laws and some state legislation, and issuing fines deters re-offending.

Council is trialing the process through the Magistrates Court to ensure it is meeting its responsibility to the community to reduce the City’s current unpaid fines of around $750,000, as well as change behaviour.

For more information on this process, or if you are having difficulty paying a fine, please call Council on 3829 8999.