Mosquito spraying this afternoon – Redlands including the northern end of Russell Island as of Friday 16 December at 2:00pm

Redland City Council is conducting aerial spraying of the Redlands including the northern end of Russell Island this afternoon to manage the potential public health risks from mosquito breeding.

The aerial spraying for mosquitoes will occur in the vicinity of Giants Grave wetland, south of Deenya Parade and Currong Street, at the northern end of Russell Island away from the fire areas and any emergency services personnel.

The fires resulting hotter than usual conditions may cause mosquito larvae to hatch more rapidly, increasing the risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

Council monitors and controls mosquito breeding all year round using aerial and ground treatments whenever necessary, which are safe for people and the environment. These treatments target the newly hatched larvae of specific mosquito species before they can fly.

Agencies are working together to ensure the safety of residents is the top priority and that the spraying will not interfere with efforts to combat the fire both on the ground and in the air, nor present a safety risk to residents or emergency services personnel.