Asbestos dumping a costly clean-up

Recent illegal asbestos dumping at Redland Bay and Sheldon has raised health and safety concerns and left Redland City Council and local ratepayers bearing a costly $8000 clean-up bill.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said suspected asbestos material had recently been dumped at Double Jump Road, Redland Bay and West Mount Cotton Road, Sheldon.

“Council was made aware of two locations where building debris containing asbestos had been illegally dumped where residents can freely access it, which is very concerning,” she said.

“Council officers moved quickly to secure and clean-up the sites to keep residents safe.

Council officers quickly removed the dumped asbestos

Council officers quickly removed the dumped asbestos

“Since August 2015 there has been 10 reported incidents of asbestos dumping in the Redlands – it beggars belief that these dumpers are willing to put the safety of others at risk.

Cr Williams said Council had taken a tough stance on illegal dumping, installing surveillance cameras that are moved throughout the city to various spots.

“Council officers also undertake spot checks on locations known for illegal dumping.

“Despite this proactive monitoring we can’t be everywhere, so we also rely on public assistance and are calling on the public to dob in these dumpers because ultimately it’s the entire community who is placed at risk and who bears the costs.

“Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity, or has any information on illegal dumping, should contact Council or report it to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection online or by calling 13 74 68.

“Illegal dumping of any material is taken very seriously and can incur fines of up to $121,000.”

Dumped material containing asbestos

Dumped material containing asbestos

In Redlands, asbestos can be properly disposed of at Council’s Birkdale Transfer Station.

For free disposal of domestic asbestos it must be double wrapped in 0.2mm thick (durable) plastic sheeting, fully sealed and must be less than 10m2 or 250kg.

Asbestos disposal charges apply for commercial customers and the amount is also limited to 10m2 or 250kg. More information can be found on Council’s website.

Council is continuing its investigations into the recent asbestos dumping.