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Redlands osprey chick’s first flights

The Redlands’ celebrity ospreys have shown off their new chick to the world.

The osprey fledgling took its first tentative flight recently from its nest atop a specialised 20m nesting pole built last year by Redland City Council at Wellington Point.


The osprey pole was erected last year when the tree the birds were nesting in had to be removed because it had become dangerous. Photos courtesy of Trevor Linton

Deputy Mayor and local councilor Wendy Boglary said it was thrilling to see the successful first flight of the newest member of the Wellington Point osprey family.

“We were all waiting expectedly to witness her first flight, which occurred on the first day of spring,’’ Cr Boglary said.

“The newest family member has not been as easy to spot this year, so it was quite exciting when she emerged from the nest.

“The osprey family has become quite an attraction and is very popular with locals.’’

The osprey’s first flight was photographed by Wellington Point resident Trevor Linton, who described it as a special moment.

“The day before, I saw the chick standing on the eastern edge of the nest flapping its wings like crazy. It still had baby fluff on its wings as was presumably trying to clear it and exercise,’’ Mr Linton recalled.

“The next day it did the same thing and then just took off. I am pretty sure it was its first flight. I had my Nikon D4 with a 600mm lens and was able to capture it – it lasted for about four-and-a-half or five minutes.

“Last year’s fledgling was sitting in the nest watching and then it landed back in the nest and just sat. I thought it was brilliant.”

Council’s Senior Advisor of Environmental Planning and Policy Candy Daunt said the family had made itself at home in the new nest.

“Modifications to the nesting cradle earlier this year have provided a safe and stable nest for our popular osprey family,’’ she said.

“Observers should view the osprey family from the seat across the road and not disturb them – so as long as they are not disturbed in any way they should call it home for years,’’ she said.

The ospreys are part of a citizen science project centred on three of the Redlands’ most
magnificent raptors which Redlanders have been encouraged to join.

“The aim is to identify and map the nests of eastern ospreys, white-bellied sea eagles and brahminy kites,’’ Ms Daunt said.
“Awareness of our raptors has increased thanks to the Wellington Point osprey family and the success of the nest pole project.’’

An initiative of Redland City Council, Birdlife Southern Queensland, the Birds in Backyards Program and the Atlas of Living Australia, the data collected will help the management of areas where the birds nest. It will also help to fill gaps in information about the birds and their nesting behaviour.

Get involved in the project and register today.


Keeping mozzies at bay in the Redlands

Redland City Council has stepped up its mosquito program to counter an early start to the breeding season.

Warmer weather, recent rain and two high tides have provided ideal conditions for mosquitoes to flourish.

Acting Mayor Wendy Boglary said Council had already conducted four aerial treatments covering areas from 120ha to 530ha in the past month.

“The warmer weather has contributed to mosquito breeding starting early this year, so we are being pro-active and we are treating breeding sites as they are identified,’’ Cr Boglary said.

“All aerial treatments to date have targeted salt marsh mosquitoes, with ground treatments targeting several species of mosquitoes and different environments.

“Redland City Council only uses products approved for use in the Moreton Bay Marine Park, are safe for you and the environment and only target mosquito larva.’’

Cr Boglary said Council could only reduce the numbers of mosquitoes and it was not possible to eradicate them.

“Mozzies post an ever-present health risk as well as being a nuisance, so everyone needs to play their part in keeping numbers down,’’ she said.

“While Council’s mosquito management crew is ever vigilant, conducting surveys and ground and aerial treatments, you can help manage mosquitoes around your home by emptying water from pot plant bases, boats, unscreened rainwater tanks, un-chlorinated swimming pools, blocked roof gutters or garden features.

“While viruses can be carried by mosquitoes in the Redlands, to date we do not have any mosquito species that carry dengue or zika viruses that we know of – however we still do run surveillance for these species.’’

You can protect yourself against mozzie bites by wearing long, loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing; using personal insect repellent and avoiding outdoor activity at dawn and dusk. Learn more ways to protect yourself from mozzies here.


Possible water disruptions for Cleveland and Ormiston on 10-11 September

Redland City Council is advising residents of possible water disruptions in Cleveland and Ormiston this weekend (Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September) as the result of further work being undertaken on the local water network. This is a continuation of recent works that affected some Cleveland and Ormiston properties on the 27-28 August.

Council’s General Manager of Infrastructure and Operations Gary Soutar said the potential water disruptions were the result of scheduled work being undertaken by Seqwater.

“Seqwater will be finalising the installation of a flow meter in Alexandra Hills, which requires part of the system to be isolated, resulting in reduced water pressure for most of Cleveland and Ormiston,” he said.

“Once again, we don’t expect a total loss of water, however residents will experience reduced water pressure from 5pm Saturday until midday Sunday as the network is returned to normal.

“Residents may also notice the water is discoloured from 4am until midday Sunday due to harmless biofilm being removed from the inside of water mains as water pressure returns.”

Mr Soutar said while the water was safe, residents may wish to fill some containers with water before 5pm Saturday 10 September and avoid doing laundry on Sunday 11 September because of the discolouration that could temporarily affect the colour of clothing.

“There is no need to boil the water and there is no danger from consuming it or showering in it,” he said. “Council is doing everything to ensure residents know about and are prepared for the work, including writing to each affected resident and publishing a full list of affected streets on our website.”

A list of affected streets is also included below.

Residents can find further details by contacting the customer service team on 3829 8999.

Seqwater is undertaking further work on the water network upgrade in the Redlands. Areas of Cleveland and Ormiston may experience reduced water pressure and water discolouration during the completion of the work. This is a continuation of recent works.


Affected streets in Cleveland

Adam St Fogarty St Posiedon St
Admiralty Ct Gotha St Princess St
Amanda St Gregory Ct Queen St
Anchorage Dr Gretel Pl Raby Bay Blvd
Arlington St Harding Cres Ralph St
Bass Pl Hucker Ct Ray St
Bay St Island St Riseborough Tce
Beach St Jacaranda Ct Ronnie St
Beaufort Ct Jason St Russell St
Belligoi Ct Julieanne Ct Seacrest Ct
Benjamin Crt Karen St Sharven Ave
Bergan Pl Kassandra St Shore St East
Binnacle Cl Katandra Ct Shore St North
Blake St Kingseley Pl Shore St West
Bonaventure Ct Kinsail Ct Smith St
Bywell St Laura St Sommersea Dr
Camdre Ct Little Shore St Sturt St
Capricorn Dr Long St Sunshine Dr
Captains Ct Longland St Swain Ct
Caravel Ct Lowrie Ct Tarcutta St
Carinya St Mainroyal Ct Toondah Harbour
Carling Ct Marram Ct Topatig St
Channel St Martingale Ct Trinity Ct
Cleary St Masthead Drv Trio St
Coburg St East Middle St Vella Ct
Colburn St Nicole St Viking Ct
Counsel St North St Water St
Cross Lane  Olympus Dr Waterloo St
Cross St  Pandora Ct Wellington St
Cruiser Cr  Patrick St Werong Cres
Dell St  Paxton St Wharf St
Devonstone St  Phelan St William St
Drevesen Ave  Phillip St Winch Cl
Eden Ct  Piermont Pl Woodrow Pl
Erobin St  Plymouth Ct Zeus Ct
Esperance Ct  Portsmouth Pl

Affected streets in Ormiston

Albert St Horatio St
Aleon Cres Ivory Lane
Armagh St John Samuel Pl
Arthur St Joseph Pl
Arundel Ct Julie Tce
Bainbridge St Lockitt Pl
Beckwith St McCartney St
Bee St Medina Ct
Bell St Mistral Ct
Blackthorne St Nautilis Dr
Cayman Cres Nelson St
Clearwater St Oak St
Cleveland Tce Outlook Parade
Como St Palm Ct
Conochie Pl Park Lane
Counihan St Poinsettia Way
Court St Pryor St
Cowley St Raby Esplanade
Crestwood Cl Reed St
Darcelle Pl Romano Ct
Downey St Rose St
Dundas St Sand St
Eckersly St Seabreeze Ct
Empire Vista Shamrock St
Fig Tree Pl Sirocco Ct
Fletcher Tce Sleath St
Foggitt Ct Stevens Pl
Francis St Sturgeon St
Freeth St West Thistle St
George St Thorn St
Glen St Trade St
Gloucester St Troy St
Gordon St Waterford Cres
Grenoble Pl Waverley Ct
Grevillea St Wells Crt
Hansen Ct Winship St

The bells have rung – Redland National Town Crier Championship a success

Redland City along with official Town Crier Max Bissett hosted an elaborate display of lace, velvet and gold braid over the weekend for the 25th National Town Crier Championships.

“Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!” was the resounding call heard across the fields of the Redland Showgrounds as 15 town criers from across Australia and New Zealand and an official escort bellowed it out for the championship.

Competitors from across Australia and New Zealand in the Redlands for the 25th National Town Crier Championship, hosted by Redland City Town Crier Max Bissett

Competitors from across Australia and New Zealand in the Redlands for the 25th National Town Crier Championship, hosted by Redland City Town Crier Max Bissett

The winners were:

  • Champion of Champions – Stephen Clarke, Central Coast Council, NSW; second place Graham Keating, The City of Sydney, NSW; and third place Gavin Barker, Moorabool Shire, VIC
  • Loudest Cry – Graham Keating, The City of Sydney, NSW
  • Best Cry – Stephen Clarke, Central Coast Council, NSW, second place Graham Keating, The City of Sydney, NSW; and third place Judy Campbell, Campaspe Shire, VIC and Murray Shire, NSW
  • Senior Section: Bob Townshend, Southern Downs Regional Council, QLD and second place Fred Krebs, Sandgate District, QLD
  • Best Dressed – Stephen Clarke, Central Coast Council, NSW
  • Best Scroll – Judy Campbell, Campaspe Shire, VIC and Murray Shire, NSW
  • Best Dressed Partner – John Edwards, Central Coast Council, NSW.
  • Conviviality Award – Max Bissett, Redland City (as host Max was unable to compete in the cries but was voted most convivial by his peers)
  • Vic Garth Memorial Award – Max Bissett, Redland City

Redland City Town Crier and competition host, Max Bissett said: “One doesn’t just announce he or she is the town crier. Criers are appointed by their local Mayor and Council.

Redland City Town Crier Max Bissett with his Vic Garth Memorial Award

Redland City Town Crier Max Bissett with his Vic Garth Memorial Award

“What people may not know is that the crier used to have quite somber duties; it was a rather gruesome job. The crier placed people into stocks, escorted the destitute to the workhouse, administered floggings and officiated at hangings, however, no one was to shoot the messenger.”

These days, town criers tend to promote tourism, making a loud noise for their hometown.

The thunderous voices at Saturday’s 25th National Town Crier Championships resulted in a recording of 93.5 decibels by Graham Keating from The City of Sydney, who took home the title of the Loudest Town Crier for 2016.

The championship unfolded throughout the afternoon and moved into celebrations at Cleveland’s historic Grand View Hotel, Queensland’s oldest licensed hotel, where competitors eagerly awaited the results of the day’s competition.

Redland City’s town crier, Max Bissett, who as host could not compete in the cries, explained that criers are judged for diction and inflection, bearing and confidence, accuracy and content of their cry, sustained volume and clarity and their costume and scroll.

The Champion of Champions Stephen Clarke from Central Coast, New South Wales, was also awarded Best Cry and Best Dressed.

Champion of Champions – Stephen Clarke, Central Coast Council (Gosford)

Champion of Champions – Stephen Clarke, Central Coast Council (Gosford)

Stephen Clarke’s town crier escort, John Edwards, was awarded Best Dressed Partner, just ahead of Peter Campbell, escort of Judy Campbell who represents two shires – Campaspe Shire, Victoria and Murray Shire, New South Wales.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said it was a pleasure to showcase the beautiful Redlands to the town criers who give so much of their time to promote their own home towns.

“We look forward to the town criers spreading the word about how wonderful the Redlands is and congratulate them on their outstanding cries – both about their home towns and the Redlands,” Cr Williams said.

“They not only entertained the crowds at RedFest on Saturday, but took time to visit one of our schools and provide students with an insight into a colourful part of history that still continues today in many areas.

Special thanks to judges Spencer Howson from 612ABC Radio; Pam Tamblyn from Tamblyn Models Australia; Noelene Hill, designer from Queensland Ballet; Mark Overell, former Ipswich Town Crier; and Adam Bright from Redland City Council who recorded the decibel readings.

Help needed to solve mangrove vandalism

An investigation has been launched into the destruction of marine vegetation at Wellington Point, with mangroves at the Wellington Point Reserve vandalised and a number of trees and plants showing signs of deliberate poisoning in the Geoff Skinner Wetlands.

Damaged marine vegetation in the Geoff Skinner Wetlands, Wellington Point

Damaged marine vegetation in the Geoff Skinner Wetlands, Wellington Point

Redland City Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Wellington Point Wendy Boglary has urged the public to come forward with any information about the destruction of plants in the protected marine habitat.

“Last week, a number of mangroves in the Wellington Point Reserve were cut down to the waterline, the third time this year that mangroves in this area have been deliberately damaged,” she said.

“In the Geoff Skinner Wetlands, mangroves, casuarinas and salt water couch near O’Connell Parade appear to have been deliberately poisoned.

“These senseless acts of vandalism are illegal and attract huge fines.

“Council and the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol (QBFP) need assistance from the public to determine what happened to the marine vegetation and who is responsible.”

QBFP District Officer, Mathew Davidson, said all marine plants including mangroves, seagrass and saltmarsh species were protected by the Queensland Fisheries Act 1994.

“Mangroves and other marine plants are vital natural resources providing shelter, food and nursery areas for fish species in Moreton Bay,” he said.

“They are also important to coastal ecosystems, support community activities such as fishing and help protect the coastline from erosion.

“As a protected habitat, prior approval is required for any works or activities that could disturb, destroy or damage them.

“This protection applies to all marine plants on private, leasehold and public land, regardless of whether the plants are deemed to be dead or alive.

“Fines of up to $365,700 can be imposed for the destruction of marine plants.”

Investigations are continuing and anyone with information about the destruction at Geoff Skinner Wetlands is urged to contact the Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116.

Follow Fisheries Queensland on Facebook and Twitter.

Council calls on the community to Sink Tobruk for Straddie!


Redland City Council has launched a community campaign calling on the State Government to select the waters off North Stradbroke Island as Queensland’s choice as the final resting place for the ex-warship HMAS Tobruk.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the campaign would support a formal expression of interest Council will lodge asking Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to scuttle the Tobruk in Moreton Bay to create an artificial reef.

“The waters off Straddie tick all the boxes to be the new home for the Tobruk; it is a short drive from Brisbane and boasts world class tourism and dive locations,” Cr Williams said.

“Point Lookout is known as the best land based whale watching location in the world and creating an artificial reef on Straddie’s doorstep would attract even more marine life, which is a plus for locals, tourists and most importantly the marine environment.

Cr Williams said the opportunity came at a critical time for the future of North Stradbroke Island with sand mining to end by 2019.

“Straddie already has impressive dive sites like the Manta Bommie, which is known as one of Australia’s top 10 dive sites, and creating a new artificial reef by scuttling HMAS Tobruk would attract thousands of divers a year and provide flow-on economic opportunities to the region.”

Cr Williams said the Sink Tobruk for Straddie campaign gave locals and visitors the chance to show the State Government the community support for bringing the ex-warship to Straddie.

“Local businesses and divers from all over Redlands and Brisbane are eager to help in any way they can,” Cr Williams said.

“There is also the backing of the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation who represent the island’s Traditional Owners. They are keen to welcome the Tobruk back to Moreton Bay to complement the island’s growing cultural tourism offerings.

Cr Peter Mitchell, who represents North Stradbroke Island, said the HMAS Brisbane which was scuttled off the Sunshine Coast in 2005, now resulted in an average of 5300 scuba divers per year with an economic impact of $1.5 million a year.

“This would be a perfect opportunity for North Stradbroke Island,” he said.

“Council will submit a formal expression of interest to the State Government by the deadline of 16 September”.

Get involved by:

Signing our e-petition
• Liking our Sink Tobruk For Straddie Facebook page

State Government announcement a good start: Mayor

Redland City Council has welcomed with cautious optimism, today’s announcement that the Queensland Government will kick-off their North Stradbroke Island transition strategy this week.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said while today’s long-awaited announcement was a positive; she needed to see the full detail of the transition plan to gauge its effectiveness in supporting the island’s transition away from sandmining.

“The actions announced by the State Government today are very welcome and I look forward to seeing the full detail of the transition plan,” she said.

“In particular I am pleased to see there will be a local State Government coordinator based at Dunwich from tomorrow.  Having someone on the ground to hear the concerns of the community and see first-hand what is needed to support the island’s transition will be critical to its success.

“Anyone who has spent time on the island also knows public transport is a major issue and I am pleased to see the State Government plan has prioritised public transport improvements for the island.

“It is also good to see cultural heritage included in the State Government plan including progressing the first stage of the Minjerribah Cultural Centre and supporting the Quandamooka Festival.”

Cr Williams said while the State Government action plan was to be applauded there was a great deal of work still to be done in a very short amount of time if the island’s economy is to successfully transition from sandmining to tourism.

“While the actions announced today are welcome they not a silver bullet,” she said.

“The proof will be in how these actions complement what is already happening on the island and the strategies being implemented at other levels of government and in particular the work being done by the island’s Traditional Owners the Quandamooka People.

“I also repeat my earlier comments that while the $20 million in funding included in the transition strategy is a nice down payment, there needs to be a lot more funding provided by the State Government if they want it to succeed.

Redland City Division 2 Councillor for North Stradbroke Island Peter Mitchell said the community was keen to see work on the ground as soon as possible.

“With less than two and a half years until the cessation of mining we can’t afford to delay and I know the community will be keen for the State Government plan to be put into action as soon as possible,” Cr Mitchell said.

Cr Williams said she would contact Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Dr Anthony Lynham to request a full briefing on the transition plan.

“Council stands ready to work with the State Government Quandamooka People to secure the future of Straddie and I am keen to see what role we as a Council will be playing in this transition strategy,” Cr Williams said.

“The island’s Traditional owners will be vital to Straddie’s long-term economy and I will also be contacting QYAC to discuss these actions and hear their thoughts.”

Local real estate company to invest millions in Cleveland CBD

A two-story office block that will employ 50 staff and inject millions into the local economy is set to be built in the Cleveland Central Business District.

Local company LJ Hooker Cleveland will expand its business premises by constructing the new office complex on a portion of land at 2-16 Wynyard Street purchased from Council’s subsidiary company Redland Investment Corporation (RIC).

Redland City Council Chief Executive Officer and RIC Board Director Bill Lyon said the sale would enable the local business to expand and provide construction jobs and ongoing local employment opportunities.

“The Cleveland Centre Master Plan adopted by Council in 2010 found developing the land on the corner of Wynyard and Shore Street West would be a catalyst for investment and activation of a key part of the Cleveland central business district,” he said.

“This project allows a local company to grow its business and invest millions in Cleveland, creating flow on economic return locally.”

RIC Chief Executive Officer Peter Kelley said proceeds from the sale would be reinvested in city projects, or a future fund providing long-term, intergenerational wealth for the Redlands community.

“While economic activity and city activation is important, so too is balancing this with the region’s unique lifestyle,” he said.

“Council was very clear in its direction late last year that it wanted RIC to be more focused on the community’s social and environmental needs.

“This sale and proposed development will mean approximately 11 long-term public car parks will be removed from the site, so we will be adding 20 additional long-term public car parks outside the Redlands Performing Arts Centre, meaning there will be a net increase in city centre car parks.”

LJ Hooker’s proposal is to build a two-storey office complex on approximately 1500 square metres of the land on the corner of Shore Street West and Wynyard Street. It is estimated 50 staff will be employed at the office, with the rest of the site available for car parking.

All-day public car parking will be available at the adjoining lot (Lot 20, 18-22 Wynyard Street, on the corner of Wynyard and Middle Streets).

The building proposal will require a development application to be submitted and assessed by Council before it can proceed.

LJ Hooker Cleveland Managing Director and Principal Iain Carmichael said the new office would provide an excellent working environment for LJ Hooker Cleveland employees.

“Cleveland is experiencing significant growth and this investment reflects confidence in our local economy,” he said.