Internet connectivity in Redland City to be reviewed

A review of internet infrastructure in the Redlands will be conducted after an independent survey tabled in today’s Council meeting showed internet access continued to be a major barrier for local business.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the University of Queensland survey was part of an update on the Redland City Economic Development Advisory Board which identified internet connectivity continued to be an economic impediment across the city.

“Connectivity is critical to business success and anyone who has tried to do business in the Redlands knows that access to fast and reliable internet continues to be an issue,” she said.

“As such Council will commission, as a matter of priority, a review of the existing and proposed  high speed broadband infrastructure in the Redlands, including the Commonwealth Government’s proposed National Broadband Network.”

Cr Williams said the objective of the review was to identify gaps where additional internet infrastructure was needed.

“This review in itself won’t improve internet connectivity in the short term, but what it will do is show where extra internet infrastructure is needed to ensure as a community we are connected from an economic and social perspective.”

Cr Williams said the suggestion had come from Redlands Economic Development Advisory Board, which included considerable expertise in internet connectivity.

“The members of the economic advisory board were selected because they have the experience needed to provide strategic advice to local business and deliver on our economic development framework,” she said.

“This includes Chair Samantha Kennedy who has extensive experience in internet connectivity.”

Cr Williams said the economic advisory board would also undertake development of industry sector action plans, prioritising the health care and social assistance and education and training sectors.

“The board identified these sectors as potential economic and employment generators, so Council has agreed to develop action plans to help the city take advantage of the opportunities they present,” she said.