A plan to help us bounce back from a disaster

Redland City Council has adopted a new section to the city’s disaster management plan which will deal specifically with the recovery processes.

Redland City Mayor and Local Disaster Management Group Chair Karen Williams said the fifth part of the Redland City Disaster Management Plan was designed to help the city get moving again following a disaster event.

“This plan is critical in ensuring the city not only prepares for and responds to a disaster, but just as importantly recovers from an event,” she said.

“It is recognition that a disaster does not stop when the storm passes, the flood waters recede or the fire is put out; the impacts can be felt long after and this plan will help us as a city get back on our feet.

“It outlines plans for helping the city recover from a social, infrastructure, environmental and economic perspective – including key steps and contact information for services that can assist.”

Deputy Mayor and Deputy Chair of the city’s Local Disaster Management Group Cr Wendy Boglary said the disaster recovery plan complemented Council’s existing disaster plans.

“Over the past two years Council has adopted a suite of plans that provide suburb specific information on how to prepare for a disaster, so the community can be confident that as a city we are well prepared,” she said.

“These plans have been praised nationally, including being recognised with a Resilient Australia Award and used as an example for other councils.

“Council put these plans to the test earlier this month with a mock emergency exercise that simulated a train derailment and included representatives from other emergency and community services.

“By holding exercises each year we ensure our disaster plans don’t sit on a shelf gathering dust, they are tried and tested and then updated to ensure they continue to meet the needs of our community.”

All of Council’s disaster plans can be found here.