Forestry inspires new art exhibition

A new exhibition exploring patterns of commercial forestry will open next week at Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba.

Created by Brisbane artist and university art theory tutor Glenda Orr, LOG: Filter, Frame, Forest will showcase more than 15 sculptural installations, fine art prints and drawings from Saturday 14 May to Saturday 9 July 2016.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the exhibition explored how science, art and commerce shape the ecosystems of forests and affect how we value and interact with them.

“In this exhibition, Orr unmasks our understanding of nature by presenting complex ecosystems in a pattern of repeated straight lines,” she said.

“The straight line is a predominant feature of manmade environments, with forestry a classic example, yet there is rarely a perfectly straight line in nature so it’s fascinating to see how Orr simplifies environmental processes by presenting them in a frame, graph or grid.

“Even though scientific models are growing in sophistication, they remain relatively simple compared with the complexities of nature and as a society, we tend to solely focus on the quantifiable patterns and overlook the unquantifiable nuances of nature.”

Cr Williams said the exhibition coincided with two eco-inspired exhibitions at the gallery’s Cleveland location, with Renata Buziak’s Medicinal Plant Cycles and Ground/Passage: Poetic mapping of Russell Island by Sharon Jewell on show until Sunday 5 June.

Meet artist Glenda Orr and enjoy a free afternoon tea on Saturday 4 June at 2pm.

Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba, is located at Capalaba Place, Noeleen Street, Capalaba. Learn more about the gallery and its exhibitions here.

LOG_by_Glenda_Orr (1)

Glenda Orr, Wooded X-Y axes (detail) 2015, plant material collected at Bimblebox Nature Refuge cast in epoxy resin. Courtesy of the artist.