Water pressure fluctuations and supply on Macleay Island: 10.30am Friday 15 April

Residents on Macleay Island may have experienced changes in water pressure or a loss of water supply this morning as our teams worked on repairing a failed water valve.

Water supply has been restored to Macleay for the time being while we obtain parts to continue the repair. The water supply will be at higher than normal pressure and we are taking steps to mitigate this by installing hydrant standpipes at various locations. Residents may observe these hydrants operating.

Residents may experience higher pressure in their taps over the next few hours. A further short loss of water supply will be required to finalise repairs once we get materials to the island. This will be notified with as much notice as possible later today.

If there is an urgent need for water during an outage, please contact us on 3829 8999.