State Government land value increase does not mean an increase in rates: Council

Redland City Council is reminding residents that they have no involvement in property valuations and that an increase in property valuations doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in rates.

Redland City Council Chief Executive Officer Bill Lyon said Council had been contacted by residents following the recent release of new property valuations by the State Government.

“Council plays no part in determining land valuations, they are determined by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines,” Mr Lyon said.

“If anyone has questions about the movement in their land valuations I would encourage them to contact the department to seek advice.”

Mr Lyon also wanted to ensure residents that an increase in land values did not automatically mean an increase in rates.

“There is a misconception out there that rates increase in line with property values, this is not the case.

“Council determine rates at Budget time based on the cost of providing services to the community and we work hard to keep rates increases as low as possible.

“The Local Government Association of Queensland chief executive Greg Hallam stated this clearly last week, saying the belief that rates increases naturally mirrored increases in land values was a myth.”