Council election – check your division and polling location

Redlanders are reminded to check which division they are in and the location of polling booths prior to next month’s Council elections.

Redland City CEO Bill Lyon said the Electoral Commission of Queensland had altered divisional boundaries last year as part of regular boundary reviews, so all residents were encouraged to check which division they are registered in by visiting the Electoral Commission of Queensland website.

“The new divisional boundaries released by the Electoral Commission last year will mean some residents will be voting in different divisions than they did last election so it is important all residents check their division,” Mr Lyon said.

“The easiest way to do this is to go to the Electoral Commission of Queensland website and click on the Find my local area search option.

“While the election is being run by the Electoral Commission of Queensland, Council wants to ensure residents have all the information they need to vote on the day and all relevant information can be found on our website.”

Mr Lyon said with the city being split into 10 divisions it was important people knew which division they were in and where the relevant polling booth was.

“Polling booth locations in each division are selected by the Electoral Commission of Queensland and can be found by searching for your address on their website,” he said.

“The Electoral Commission has advised of some changes from last election; for example, Wellington Point High School, Amity Point Hall and Alexandra Hills State High School will not have polling booths this year, so it is important people check the website.

“In the event someone does turn up to the incorrect polling location they will be able to do an absentee vote.

“In person pre-polling is available from 9am Monday 7 March at Redland Performing Arts Centre and from 14 March at Redland Bay Community Hall (Weinam St, Redland Bay) or Capalaba Place (14 Noeleen Street, Capalaba). Pre-polling closes at all locations at 6pm Friday 18 March.”

Pre-poll postal vote applications commence from Saturday 6 February and close 7pm Wednesday 16 March. All postal votes must be received by 6pm, Tuesday 29th March.

Questions or more information:
• You can ask questions in person to the Returning officer: Mr Harold Guy, operating out of Redland Performing Arts Centre (Middle Street Cleveland) Monday to Friday (9.00am to 5.00pm).
• Call the Electoral Commission of Queensland on 1300 881 665.
• Visit the Electoral Commission of Queensland website.