Redlands has its say on the draft city plan

More than 4,000 Redlanders are estimated to have helped shape the future of their city by having their say on the Draft City Pan 2015 which closed for public consultation last Friday 27 November 2015.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said that in addition to the formal submissions received Council had engaged with 13,400 people in the lead up to the extended community consultation period and over 12,000 people during the past eleven week consultation period.

“I’d like to congratulate everyone who took the time to be part of this important plan, in particular those who made a formal submission,” she said.

“As the blueprint for the future of our city this is a very important plan, which is why Council extended the public consultation period to 11 weeks – almost twice as long as required by the State Government.

“During public consultation Council hosted 52 community activities, including 13 Open House information sessions, 12 Pop Up information sessions, 10 Key Stakeholder Group Briefings, and 17 Meet the Planner sessions.”

“Residents certainly took the opportunity to be part of the city’s future with thousands of residents taking advantage of these sessions, where Council Planners were available to answer questions about the draft scheme.

“Thousands more visited the Draft Redland City Plan 2015 website to read the draft, or use the interactive mapping to find out what zones and overlays were proposed for their property, or other areas of interest in the city.”

Council’s city planning and assessment spokesperson Cr Julie Talty said the submissions received would help Council ensure the City Plan reflected the needs of the community.

“Now the huge task of assessing the submissions begins,” said Cr Talty said.

“Council estimates it has received between 3-4,000 submissions so far with a significant number received over the past week still to be counted.

“An exact final number will not be known until we have fully registered all final submissions over the coming days and confirmed that each one has been properly made by early next year.”

“Council officers will go through every submission, identify the key issues raised and make recommendations to Council.

“Following this Council will finalise City Plan 2015 and submit to the State Government – including our response to the issues raised, and any resulting amendments to the draft scheme. Submitters will also be notified at this stage.

“Once the Minister approves the amended plan, the final plan will be presented to the new Council for adoption.”

Until the new Redland City Plan is adopted, Council will continue to operate under the current Redlands Planning Scheme.