Redland Art Gallery seeks Sheelah Mee works

The Redland Art Gallery is seeking the community’s help to bring together a major retrospective exhibition of the late Sheelah Mee’s works next year.

Mrs Mee, who died in October 2013, played an integral role in consolidating a flourishing art community in Redlands and helped grow the Yurara Art Group at Pinklands.

Redland City Council arts spokesman Cr Lance Hewlett said that over the next 12 month it was hoped a diverse selection of Mrs Mee’s art could be assembled into a fitting tribute to an artist who left an indelible mark not only on the Redlands but also the Queensland art world.

“As well as being an artist, she was an accomplished potter and sculptor and had also been a fashion designer and knitter,’’ Cr Hewlett said.

“She also taught students in regional and remote areas through the Flying Art School, as well as being a teacher and mentor at Yurara.

“The Redland Art Gallery is trying to track down her works in all media that maybe present within the community for loan for an exhibition in December next year and would also love to hear stories from those who knew and worked with her.

“During her career, Mrs Mee won many art prizes, held many exhibitions and was honoured for her contribution to Queensland art with an Australia Day medal. She left behind an enormous body of work.’’

Local art consultant and writer Louise Martin-Chew, who will curate the exhibition with Gallery Officer Dominique Macedo, said it was a wonderful opportunity to examine the life and influence of an artist whose activities developed the Redland City art scene into a mature and well-grounded cultural base.


 Curator Louise Martin-Chew and co-curator Dominique Macedo

“Equally, and just as importantly, her involvement in the Brisbane contemporary art scene saw her become part of a groundswell of activity that seeded the thriving cultural milieu of today,’’ Ms Martin-Chew said. “Her own art activity, noted by critics of the day, will be showcased in this exhibition that acknowledges her role as a contemporary artist, educator, cultural instigator, mother and wife.’’

All those who worked with and were taught by Mrs Mee or who have anecdotes or her artworks are invited to contact the exhibition’s co-curator Dominique Macedo on (07) 3829 8899 or at