Council voices concern on Gold Coast Speedway

Redland City Council has gone into bat for residents in Redland Bay who are opposing a Gold Coast speedway and motorsport complex that could cause noise and traffic disruptions for Redlanders in the south of the city.

Councillors today supported a notice of motion by Cr Julie Talty to commission an independent peer review of the noise impacts and planned mitigation measures for the proposed Loves Speedway and Motorsport Complex, an application currently being considered by Gold Coast City Council.

Cr Talty said, if built, the proposed speedway would be located at Loves Road, Alberton in Gold Coast City and could have a direct negative impact on many Redland residents.

“Redland Bay residents recently attended a Council meeting and I have discussed concerns about the proposed project with many residents from Southern Redland Bay.

“This site is outside our City boundaries, but many of our residents live a short distance away, across the Logan River,” she said.

“The facility proposed plans for activities including drifting, monster trucks, carting and motocross.

“Our understanding is that the planned facility will also include a legal drag-racing stretch of more than 200m.

“Obviously this has the potential to cause considerable noise issues in residential areas of Redland Bay.

“There are also environmental and traffic management impacts on Redland Bay that need to be considered.

“We share our residents’ concerns about this proposed development and will now seek an independent review of noise impacts, and make a submission based on these findings during the public notification period.

“While we encourage the development of regional attractions, the scale of this Gold Coast complex seems incompatible with its proximity to residential areas.

“We will be writing to and urging Gold Coast City Council to fully consider Redland Bay locals in their decision-making process.”