Council to build a Bay Islands Memorial Garden

Southern Moreton Bay Island residents will have a new place to pay their respects with Council today signing off on a new Bay Island Memorial Garden at Russell Island.

Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards said the proposal would allow residents to intern the ashes of family and friends on the island.

“The idea is for a memorial garden to be set up where residents can keep the ashes of their loved ones on the islands so they can pay their respects without having to travel to the mainland,” he said.

“There is a four hectare site that we will fit out with benches and tables so people can sit and reflect; as well as provisions for the internment of ashes.”

Cr Edwards said the facility was not a cemetery or crematorium.

“This is a memorial garden only, there will be no burials, funerals or cremations, and it will be a quiet place of contemplation.

“Residents came to me with the request, saying that it was not always practical to travel to the mainland when they wanted to visit their loved ones.

“The strong connection that draws people to the islands also means, that for many, they wish for an island final resting place.

“While we manage two mainland cemeteries and one on North Stradbroke Island, until now there have been limited provisions for permanent memorialisation on the Bay Islands,” Cr Edwards said.

The Bay Islands Memorial Garden will be established within the High Street Nature Belt Park and will be in keeping with the natural environment.

“We hope to create a space for people to lay their love ones to rest, where they are able to return for moments of peaceful remembrance.

“The High Street location is a beautiful place to do this, surrounded by nature.”

Work on the Bay Islands Memorial Garden will begin next financial year.