Redlands in the games thanks to new liaison committee

Redland City Council has established a special liaison committee to identify and coordinate opportunities for the city from the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the Commonwealth Games Liaison Committee was made up Council officers with economic, cultural, sporting and tourism expertise to help the city benefit from the Commonwealth Games.

“The eyes of the world will be on South East Queensland during the Commonwealth Games and this committee will identify how the Redlands can get a piece of the pie both from an economic and a cultural perspective,” she said.

“With thousands of athletes and supporting staff from 71 Commonwealth countries competing just down the road, there will be significant opportunities for the Redlands.  The role of this committee is to ensure we don’t miss out.

“Whether it is attracting more tourists, accommodating athletes and support staff or forming cultural and commercial relationships with other countries, the possibilities are endless.

“In particular the cycling and shooting events will be held just outside the Redlands, at Belmont and Chandler, meaning the Games are literally on our doorstep.”

Today’s decision follows a Notice of Motion from Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards last month calling for Council to investigate the establishment of the liaison committee.

“This group will be the conduit between the city and various Commonwealth Games committees, including the State Government’s Embracing 2018 Advisory Committee, which was formed to identify benefits for the State from the games,” Cr Edwards said.

“The Redlands committee will liaise with local business and community groups and advocate for them at a State level, as well as feeding commercial and cultural opportunities back to locals so they can take advantage of them.

“It is not just about generating short-term gain while the Games are being held; the Redlands Commonwealth Games Liaison Committee will also look at longer-term legacy opportunities.

“This includes identifying infrastructure upgrades and lobbying the relevant level of government, as well as up-skilling local businesses so they can market themselves to competing countries during and after the Games.”