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Revised waste strategy open for comment

Residents are invited to have their say on the City’s revised waste strategy, open for public comment from 14 September until 9 October 2015.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan 20152020 updated the existing strategy Sustainable Resources from Waste Plan, which was adopted in 2010.

“State government legislation has changed since 2010 and Council is now required to review its waste strategy this year, with three yearly reviews thereafter,” she said.

“This review has provided an opportunity to reflect on our achievements over the past five years while also setting realistic and practical goals for minimising waste and recovering reusable resources in the future.

“We are already performing very well, with an average city-wide domestic resource recovery rate of 47 per cent in 2014/15, compared with 37 per cent across the wider south-east Queensland region in 2012/13.

“While these rates demonstrate the good work done by our waste transfer stations, our kerbside collection system continues to bring our figures down overall with more than half of our waste still going to landfill.

“Residents and businesses across the city can help reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill by minimising food waste and ensuring green waste and recyclables are kept out of the waste bins.”

Council’s waste and infrastructure spokesperson Cr Paul Gleeson said the existing waste strategy was adopted in 2010 following extensive community consultation to set the waste minimisation priorities for the City until 2020.

“The revised strategy builds on the plan that the community has already endorsed, highlighting our achievements from the past five years and setting our objectives and targets for the next five,” he said.

“It also details how we intend to reach these targets and tackle the challenges ahead, including securing future landfill disposal locations outside our City and maintaining strong regional partnerships.

“There are plenty of opportunities for everyone in the City to work together to view waste as a valuable resource – the aim has to be to stop sending it to landfill.”

The revised strategy is available from Council’s website, customer service centres and libraries.

Comments are invited from 14 September to 9 October by:

Planned burns from 10 September at Macleay Island

Council, in conjunction with the QFES Rural Fire Service, is planning to conduct a hazard reduction burn at bushland area at Aruma Street and Balaka Street, Macleay Island between the 10 September and 18 September 2015 (weather permitting). Planned burns reduce fire danger and provide conditions essential for native plant species regeneration.

 Site preparations and limited test burning may be conducted in the days leading up to the burn.

For the safety of residents we request that you do not come out and watch the works. We also recommend that you secure any pets before the works begin to prevent them from becoming frightened. All attempts will be made to limit any smoke hazards.

If poor weather cancels this burn, it may be rescheduled to 2016.  For further details contact Council’s Conservation Fire Management Officer on 3829 8456.



Speaker forums talk Aboriginal sports, politics and performing arts

The Learning Centre, Cnr Welsby Street and Mitchell Crescent, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island

Queensland Government Minister Leeanne Enoch, Mayor Karen Williams, Uncle Bob Anderson, former AFL champion Che-Cockatoo Collins and actors Lafe Charlton and Mark Sheppard are just some of the guest speakers at Redland City Council’s second ‘Let’s Listen, Let’s Yarn’ Speakers Forum day on North Stradbroke Island on Saturday 12 September.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the day followed the huge success of the first Speakers Forums in August and would this time focus on Aboriginal sports, politics and performing arts.

“The Let’s Listen, Let’s Yarn Speaker Forums are designed to be diverse discussions about Aboriginal culture and issues, hosted by Council in celebration of the Quandamooka Festival,” Cr Williams said.

“We have received outstanding feedback from the first event in August, which saw laughter, tears and new understandings from the guest speakers and the room-capacity audience.

“We hope the second day will be no different with a focus on reconciliation and recognition and the different ways this can be achieved.

“Each of the 12 September forums is a timely subject, and I am honoured to be joining a line-up of guest speakers who can provide a rare combination of personal and informed insights to these discussions.

“It will be another event where everyone can to come with different viewpoints and experiences, and talk in the spirit of goodwill about Aboriginal issues in our community.”

Event details: ‘Let’s Listen, Let’s Yarn’ Speakers Forum, Saturday 12 September

The Learning Centre, Cnr Welsby Street and Mitchell Crescent, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island.

Lets Listen Lets Yarn Forum Program Day 2

11am Forum Sport: The great Australian equaliser?
A discussion with Che Cockatoo-Collins, Kelly McKellar-Nathan, Dorinda Stone, Aunty Lyn Shipway and Marcia Laurie about the role sport plays in reconciliation.

1pm Forum United and divided: the challenges of Aboriginal business in politics
An overview of significant historic political milestones, current Aboriginal issues and where our nation is heading with reconciliation and recognition with Nance Haxton, Uncle Bob Anderson, Aunty Evelyn Parkin, Minister for Public Works and Housing and Minister for Science and Innovation Leeanne Enoch and Mayor Karen Williams.

3pm Forum “So, what’s this then….uuhh?”
A discussion with Aunty Donna Ruska, Tammy Pope, Mark Sheppard, Kaleenah Edwards and Lafe Charlton about tackling big issues through performing arts and the role theatre plays in breaking down barriers.

People are welcome to join one or all of the day’s forums, with general community admittance on a first come, first seated basis. The room will be closed if it reaches capacity. Please note that these panels are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, including cultural observances.

Redlands seeks funding to develop NSI Signage

Redland City Council today voted to seek State Government support to improve signage across North Stradbroke Island to better promote its facilities and natural assets.

Redland City Mayor said Council would now apply for funding through the Queensland Government’s NSI Economic Transition Fund.

“As the Island begins the transition away from sand mining, it’s crucial for all levels of government to prioritise projects that drive economic activity –  in this case by enabling visitors to better access the businesses, natural attractions and activities the island has to offer,” Cr Williams said.

“After extensive consultation with island stakeholders, several recommendations have been made to improve directional, tourism, interpretive, safety and regulatory signage.

“There is a clear need to overhaul and simplify the Island’s current signage and develop a coordinated approach from island stakeholders and land managers.

“This funding application will seek State Government support for culturally inspired, interpretive and education signage to enhance Straddie’s identity as a tourism destination.

“Following Council’s endorsement, I will now seek to formally present our North Stradbroke Island funding submission to the relevant Ministers at the earliest opportunity.

Divisional Councillor Craig Ogilvie said that better-managed signage would allow people to more easily navigate, explore and discover the island.

“With township entry statements, upgraded directional signage and interpretive signage at key island locations we can better promote Straddie’s natural treasures, Aboriginal heritage and local businesses,” Cr Ogilvie said.

“The North Stradbroke Island Signage Review Project has shown us what needs to be done – funding support will allow this to work to be fast-tracked.”


EOI open for Economic Development Advisory Board Chair

Expressions of interest have opened for Redland City Council’s Economic Development Advisory Board Chairperson.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the board would maximise economic opportunities for the region and lead the implementation of the Redland City Economic Development Framework 2014-2041.

“The Redlands is on the cusp of strong growth – a fact confirmed at the Regional Major Projects Conference held on the Gold Coast this week,” Cr Williams said.

“We have $1.3 billion investment on the horizon through the redevelopment of Toondah Harbour, plus about $50 million worth of building and civil works in the pipeline recently approved by our City Planning and Assessment team.

“Development applications are also on the rise with a 21 per cent jump in applications last financial year compared to the 2013-14 financial year.

“We are establishing an Economic Development Advisory Board to maximise the economic opportunities for Redlands’ industries and businesses that comes with growth and to help make our economy more resilient.

“The board and its framework are not mere bureaucratic exercises. Both are accountable to deliver tangible economic action plans designed by local business leaders and to chart a course to achieve the framework’s ultimate objectives of 30,000 new jobs and increasing the city’s gross regional product to $6.8 billion by 2041.”

The Economic Development Advisory Board chairperson will provide advice to the Mayor and Councillors on the progress of implementing the framework and any changes necessary to be made to enhance its performance. They will also advise on areas where Council can improve its processes.

Council financial services spokesman Cr Mark Edwards said the board’s chairperson would lead a board of nine other members.

“We are looking for a professional business executive as the board’s chairperson, someone with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors,” Cr Edwards said.

“Candidates will need to demonstrate strong capabilities in strategic planning, corporate governance and leadership, as well as an understanding of the Redland City economy.

“I encourage any local residents with this experience to apply.

“The chairperson will lead a board of nine other members. Each member will have professional experience in the eight industry sectors dominating our economy: construction, education and training, financial and professional services, health care, manufacturing, retail trade, rural enterprises and tourism.

“The final board membership will be a non-voting position held by the Redland City Mayor or Councillor responsible for the economic development portfolio.

“Remuneration for directors will be negotiated by Council’s Chief Executive Officer and will be commensurate with standard board fees.

“We are ensuring costs for this expert advisory group remain reasonable by limiting the number of times the board can meet each year to four meetings.”

For more information or to apply contact Davidson’s principal consultant Peter Murphy on 3023 1036 or

To view the Redland City Economic Development Framework 2014-2041 visit

Draft Redland City Plan 2015 open for Public Consultation

Redland City Council is encouraging the community to be part of the City’s future by viewing and having their say on the Draft City Plan 2015, which will be released for public consultation on 14 September following a special meeting today.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council moved quickly to release the draft city plan after receiving State Government approval to open it for public consultation.

“Receiving the long-awaited approval from the State Government is a significant milestone in the Redland City Plan 2015 process and means the draft city plan can now be made available to residents for their say,” Cr Williams said.

“Unlike the completely new Redland Planning Scheme introduced in 2006, this plan is not a rewrite but rather a thorough revision that carries over many existing planning scheme provisions while simplifying it and making it easier for people to access, use and understand.

“This public information and consultation phase is critical as it gives residents the opportunity to view the plan that will help guide the future of the city. I strongly encourage all residents to have a look at it and make a formal submission if they wish.’’

Cr Williams said Council was committed to providing plenty of time for residents to have their say on the draft plan and had voted to keep public consultation open for 54 business days – nearly twice as long as required.

“The public consultation period on the Draft Redland City Plan will run from 14 September to 27 November – almost double the statutory minimum of 30 business days,’’ Cr Williams said.

“Consultation plans will be widely advertised and include interactive online engagement tools where residents will be able to view details right down to street and lot level. There will also be mail-outs identifying key changes in a resident’s area, website and social media information, open house events at key mainland and island locations, local pop-up sessions and meet-the-planner booking opportunities.”

Cr Williams said the State Government had directed Council to make key amendments to the draft city plan prior to public consultation.

“The Minister’s approval has removed part of Council’s planned response to our City’s rural amenity and lifestyle by directing that the Rural Residential Zone be removed from the plan,” she said.

“This will be a concern to some residents in the area bounded by Taylor Road, Woodlands Drive and Springacre Road in Thornlands, which in the draft plan is now designated as a rural zone and for future urban investigation.

“This area has experienced a number of changing planning expectations over the years and, as the government closest to the community, Council should be able to decide how to manage these expectations in a way that retains our City’s amenity and rural feel.

“Council has nevertheless amended the plan as instructed and has today agreed to the details for public consultation on the amended plan. If people are concerned about these changes they need to make their concerns known by completing a public submission.”

Council’s City Planning and Assessment spokesperson Cr Julie Talty (Division 6) said the extended consultation period provided a greater opportunity for the community to be part of the process that describes the future vision for our City as a place where people will like to live, work, play and do business.
She said it was a much easier document to read and understand than the current scheme.

“It also uses terminology that is consistent across Queensland and utilises up-to-date data on a range of issues from storm tide, flood and fire hazard mapping to bushland habitats.

“Our city planning already responds to a large portion of expected growth targets set by the State Government and this is carried over into the new plan, which will allow for an extra 50,000 people and estimated 26,000 new homes,” Cr Talty said.

“The fact is that while Council can’t stop growth, we can help manage it through wise and responsive city planning.

“Importantly our new city plan aims to manage much of this growth within existing residential areas and city centres. Ultimately, we all own the city plan, so we encourage you to have a look and have your say.”

The Draft City Plan 2015 will become available for viewing when planned consultation begins on the 14 September. Submissions will be able to be made electronically or in hard copy.

Since 2014 Council has run a range of information sessions and provided information on its website and in the local media regarding City Plan studies and how city plans impact residents including hazard mapping, housing, economic growth, infrastructure and environment and heritage.

To view details about the Draft City Plan 2015 and planned consultation activities visit:

Draft City Plan 2015 Communication and Engagement

Consultation events will include:

  • Open House events at locations across the City
  • 12 pop-ups information booths, each a two-hour session in 12 city locations
  • Permanent displays at Council Customer Service Centres
  • Meet the planner 20-minute sessions – one day per week
  • peak group briefings


  • Six-page Divisional Householder Brochure mailed to each city residential address – includes a summary of division specific changes
  • Fact sheets mailed to absent landholders, organisations and businesses
  • 30-plus separate pieces of City Plan information and explanatory materials available on website, including fact sheets City plan maps and printed explanatory material for public consultation events
  • Email updates to registered users
  • Facebook, Twitter promotion and video content

Quandamooka Country becomes City’s largest Land for Wildlife area

Almost 1400 hectares of bushland on North Stradbroke Island will be further enhanced after the largest Land for Wildlife declaration in the city was finalised recently.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the declaration was a partnership between Quandamooka Yoolooburabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC), Redland City Council and SEQ Catchments.

“The new Land for Wildlife area continues the Quandamooka People’s work to conserve the native plants and animals on Country and is another demonstration of their leadership and commitment in land and sea management,” Cr Williams said.

“It is wonderful to see QYAC, SEQ Catchments and Council working together to protect and enhance the island’s unique and fragile habitats.

“This land contains habitats with high ecological values including marine environments and significant Quandamooka cultural values that are rarely captured under the Land for Wildlife Program, making this a unique opportunity to ensure this land retains its ecological and cultural significance.”

Divisional Councillor Craig Ogilvie said the Land for Wildlife declaration would enhance Straddie’s already strong environmental character.

“Straddie, or Minjerribah as it is known to the Quandamooka People, is home to diverse wildlife including a unique population of koalas, which will continue to be enhanced under this Land for Wildlife program,” he said.

QYAC CEO Cameron Costello said the Land for Wildlife Program would offer Traditional Owners additional support to protect and manage Quandamooka Country.

“This is a significant commitment by the Quandamooka People, creating the largest Land for Wildlife property managed by Traditional Owners in Queensland,” he said.

“While the program allows for assistance with plants and revegetation, the real benefit for all involved is the knowledge sharing.

“Our rangers and volunteers will benefit from the expert advice from SEQ Catchments and Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, while we are sharing our own knowledge and understanding about the unique cultural values of the Island.

Deborah Metters, Conservation Partnerships Coordinator from SEQ Catchments said land in the agreement covered more than 20 sites across the island.

“The great part about this agreement is the important land areas it contains – areas with a high number of significant trees that are home to some of Straddie’s rare, endangered and near threatened flora and fauna,” she said.

“This Land for Wildlife agreement is another string in the bow to all the great work being done by island land managers to work together for the island’s future.”

QYAC LfW Launch4

From left: William Smart (Field Supervisor, Quandamooka Community Rangers), Deborah Metter (SEQ Catchments), Lordie Walker (Quandamooka Community Ranger), Maree Manby (Redland City Council), Kurun Ruska (Quandamooka Community Ranger), Cr Craig Ogilvie, Richard Martin (Quandamooka Community Ranger), Joel Bolzenius (SEQ Catchments), Darren Burns and Cameron Costello (QYAC).


Get the facts: Response to City Plan availability

The Redland City Bulletin has today wrongly stated in headline that the City Plan Due Out This Week and further stated that the City Plan 2015 ‘are (sic) expected to be released this week’. (Note the Draft City Plan 2015 was also submitted for State approval for public release in November 2014 not February 2015 as stated).

• Council has yet to formally meet and consider the release of the plan and the period for public consultation. A Special Meeting of Council on Thursday 3 September is expected to decide on both issues.

• The Public display of the Draft City Plan 2015 will depend on the date Council decides to begin public consultation.

• The full plan will be made publicly available on the date when formal consultation begins.

• Once the City Plan 2015 consultation period is agreed, there will be community wide advertising of public consultation opportunities including extensive City Plan website details and supporting information and advertised City Plan public consultation activities at venues across the city.

• Until then, those interested in the City Plan are encouraged to keep an eye out for public notices in the media and on council’s website and to visit the draft plan website to view background details and register this interest in receiving future details on the plan consultation.

Unanimous vote to form volunteer fire brigade

Redlands residents living in high fire risk areas of the city have voted unanimously to form a rural fire brigade in the Mount Cotton/Sheldon area.

More than 100 landowners attending a public meeting on Sunday endorsed a move to seek registration of a new volunteer brigade by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES).

The meeting heard that Mt Cotton and surrounds were considered among the highest fire risk areas in Queensland.

Mayor Karen Williams, who hosted the meeting, said Redland City had a number of areas vulnerable to fire and preparedness was very important.

“A volunteer fire brigade can help you be prepared, and that is why we are here today,” she said.

“For a brigade to be formed it needs will and commitment; there is clearly the interest judging from the roll-up today.”

Redland City Division 6 Councillor Julie Talty said she had been approached by many residents concerned about fire risk.

“A lot of work has been done by Council on fire modelling and looking at fire and disaster planning,” she said.

“Redlands is recognised as having one of the best disaster management hubs in Queensland but this area is at high risk of fire and we need to be prepared.

“Fire mapping clearly shows the Mt Cotton and neighbouring areas as high risk. We border on 1000ha of fuel and landowners need to be supported.”

Redland City Council Service Manager Disaster Planning and Operations Mike Lollback said he had never seen such a swell of community support for action.

Mr Lollback said recent history of fires on North Stradbroke Island highlighted the fire risk and the need for communities to take steps to protect themselves.

“I am confident the urban fire brigades in the city have the capacity to deal with fires but the more arrows you have in the quiver the better. A rural fire brigade would be another option,” he said.

“The most vulnerable area in the region is right here. You are not here just because it is a good idea (to form a rural fire brigade). You are here because you live in a vulnerable area.

“We are not the final decision-makers (on whether a brigade is registered) but we can take the strong views of this meeting forward to the Fire Commissioner.”

Rural Fire Brigades Association of Queensland General Manager Justin Choveaux said the meeting resolution was a first.

“No-one has ever voted to start a rural fire brigade in a 24-hour station area,” he said.

“Community defence is not red (urban fire) versus yellow (rural brigade) trucks. The brigade would be a complementary stream. You have the local knowledge and you know what is required.”

Mr Choveaux outlined to the meeting the role of rural fire brigades and volunteers, and the process for registration of a new brigade.

“There are 1441 rural fire brigades across the state.  They are volunteer brigades that meet their communities’ needs,” he said.

“What brigades do varies from place to place and community to community.

“In Queensland the property-owner has responsibility to mitigate fire risk. Brigades are a support mechanism for people to manage that risk.”

As a result of the unanimous resolution, a formal request will be sent to Fire Commissioner Katarina Carroll seeking registration of a brigade. If granted, the inaugural meeting will be held and the search begin for a “home” for the brigade and plans to fund-raise will be discussed.