Draft Redland City Plan 2015 open for Public Consultation

Redland City Council is encouraging the community to be part of the City’s future by viewing and having their say on the Draft City Plan 2015, which will be released for public consultation on 14 September following a special meeting today.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council moved quickly to release the draft city plan after receiving State Government approval to open it for public consultation.

“Receiving the long-awaited approval from the State Government is a significant milestone in the Redland City Plan 2015 process and means the draft city plan can now be made available to residents for their say,” Cr Williams said.

“Unlike the completely new Redland Planning Scheme introduced in 2006, this plan is not a rewrite but rather a thorough revision that carries over many existing planning scheme provisions while simplifying it and making it easier for people to access, use and understand.

“This public information and consultation phase is critical as it gives residents the opportunity to view the plan that will help guide the future of the city. I strongly encourage all residents to have a look at it and make a formal submission if they wish.’’

Cr Williams said Council was committed to providing plenty of time for residents to have their say on the draft plan and had voted to keep public consultation open for 54 business days – nearly twice as long as required.

“The public consultation period on the Draft Redland City Plan will run from 14 September to 27 November – almost double the statutory minimum of 30 business days,’’ Cr Williams said.

“Consultation plans will be widely advertised and include interactive online engagement tools where residents will be able to view details right down to street and lot level. There will also be mail-outs identifying key changes in a resident’s area, website and social media information, open house events at key mainland and island locations, local pop-up sessions and meet-the-planner booking opportunities.”

Cr Williams said the State Government had directed Council to make key amendments to the draft city plan prior to public consultation.

“The Minister’s approval has removed part of Council’s planned response to our City’s rural amenity and lifestyle by directing that the Rural Residential Zone be removed from the plan,” she said.

“This will be a concern to some residents in the area bounded by Taylor Road, Woodlands Drive and Springacre Road in Thornlands, which in the draft plan is now designated as a rural zone and for future urban investigation.

“This area has experienced a number of changing planning expectations over the years and, as the government closest to the community, Council should be able to decide how to manage these expectations in a way that retains our City’s amenity and rural feel.

“Council has nevertheless amended the plan as instructed and has today agreed to the details for public consultation on the amended plan. If people are concerned about these changes they need to make their concerns known by completing a public submission.”

Council’s City Planning and Assessment spokesperson Cr Julie Talty (Division 6) said the extended consultation period provided a greater opportunity for the community to be part of the process that describes the future vision for our City as a place where people will like to live, work, play and do business.
She said it was a much easier document to read and understand than the current scheme.

“It also uses terminology that is consistent across Queensland and utilises up-to-date data on a range of issues from storm tide, flood and fire hazard mapping to bushland habitats.

“Our city planning already responds to a large portion of expected growth targets set by the State Government and this is carried over into the new plan, which will allow for an extra 50,000 people and estimated 26,000 new homes,” Cr Talty said.

“The fact is that while Council can’t stop growth, we can help manage it through wise and responsive city planning.

“Importantly our new city plan aims to manage much of this growth within existing residential areas and city centres. Ultimately, we all own the city plan, so we encourage you to have a look and have your say.”

The Draft City Plan 2015 will become available for viewing when planned consultation begins on the 14 September. Submissions will be able to be made electronically or in hard copy.

Since 2014 Council has run a range of information sessions and provided information on its website and in the local media regarding City Plan studies and how city plans impact residents including hazard mapping, housing, economic growth, infrastructure and environment and heritage.

To view details about the Draft City Plan 2015 and planned consultation activities visit: www.redland.qld.gov.au/cityplan

Draft City Plan 2015 Communication and Engagement

Consultation events will include:

  • Open House events at locations across the City
  • 12 pop-ups information booths, each a two-hour session in 12 city locations
  • Permanent displays at Council Customer Service Centres
  • Meet the planner 20-minute sessions – one day per week
  • peak group briefings


  • Six-page Divisional Householder Brochure mailed to each city residential address – includes a summary of division specific changes
  • Fact sheets mailed to absent landholders, organisations and businesses
  • 30-plus separate pieces of City Plan information and explanatory materials available on website, including fact sheets City plan maps and printed explanatory material for public consultation events
  • Email updates to registered users
  • Facebook, Twitter promotion and video content