Redland City Council to review events fees

Redland City Council will investigate cutting fees for events held in City parks.

Councillors today agreed to a call by Cr Wendy Boglary (Division 1) to look at ways to either reduce or eliminate fees and charges where the event organisers can show they have economic or social benefits.

“The level of fees and charges could be make or break for those looking to host smaller community and public events and celebrations in Council’s parks, particularly the many community groups and charities run by volunteers,’’ Cr Boglary said.

“While the Redlands is growing as an events destination, it is important that we do what we can to ensure Council’s cost structure is not a barrier to very worthy smaller events.

“Through this investigation, we will look at how we can help events that are shown to benefit the greater local community both economically and socially.’’

Cr Boglary said the options open to Council would be evaluated at a councilor workshop before recommendations were made to Council.

“The results can then be included in Council’s events strategy to ensure we are helping the smaller players who are part of the backbone of our community,’’ she said.

Redland City Council’s supportive events strategy has attracted a variety of new destination-based events to the City this year.

“Council already helps organisers though a comprehensive Event Management Kit which includes all the relevant forms and we also can take people through the step-by-step process of running an event to ensure all goes smoothly,’’ Cr Boglary said.

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