Council to entice sporting elite to the Redlands

Redland City Councillors today supported a request from Cr Mark Edwards to encourage athletes and officials from the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games to visit the Redlands while they are in South East Queensland for the event.

Cr Edwards said the city’s proximity to the venues hosting the Commonwealth Games provided an ideal opportunity to profile the Redlands to an audience who may not otherwise visit the region.

“The Commonwealth Games is set to bring considerable economic and social benefits to South East Queensland and there is a huge potential for positive flow-on effects for the Redlands,” he said.

“To achieve this, Council today voted to establish a liaison committee to coordinate opportunities and relationships between Commonwealth Games teams and our local community.

“Council will prepare a report and recommend a structure for the proposed committee, which is expected to include representatives from Council, State Government, industry bodies, local sporting organisations and the community.

“With more than 6500 athletes and team officials visiting the region for the event, plus spectators from all over the world, today’s decision will look at how we can maximise these benefits from a tourism, economic and community perspective.

“We want to support sports teams and officials, encourage them to visit our beautiful city and provide opportunities for the community to engage with sporting greats.

“Today’s decision reflects Council’s commitment to fostering an active and vibrant local community while providing opportunities for athletes and officials to see our beautiful part of Australia.

Cr Edwards said the initiative followed him writing to Commonwealth Games countries in 2013 inviting them to stay in the Redlands as a low cost location during their competition.

“That invitation was mainly targeted at countries whose athletes may not be able to afford accommodation at the Gold Coast, with six countries showing interest,” he said.

“The 2018 games on the Gold Coast is one of the biggest sporting events to be staged in Queensland since Brisbane hosted the games in 1982 and this presents significant economic and social opportunities for the Redlands.

“Having international athletes based in our city will also inspire our local kids by exposing them to the Commonwealth Games sporting elite.”