Council to investigate solar farms

Redland City Council today voted to investigate creating and managing local solar farms to create alternative revenue streams and green energy.

The decision was made after Councillors supported a Notice of Motion from Division 9 Councillor Paul Gleeson tabled at today’s General Meeting.

“Today’s decision is really about exploring any and all options and bringing those options back to Council for consideration,” he said.

“The price of solar has come down so much over the last few years that I think now is the time to look at whether the cost stacks up for residents.

“This is about getting clean and green energy that has environmental benefits, as well as finding an alternative source of revenue to reduce the cost of living pressure for residents.”

Cr Gleeson said Council investigations would include possible partnerships with other levels of government, private joint ventures and accessing Commonwealth Government grants to fund the project.

“There are a number of private solar companies out there, as well as Federal Government funding options and we will look at all of these possibilities,” he said.

“There are also other Councils across Australia looking at similar projects and we will speak with them and learn from what they have done.

“At this stage we are only investigating options, we aren’t committing to anything but I think we have to start somewhere and be open to the possibilities such projects can bring to the community.”

A report will be brought to Council for consideration by the end of November this year.