Council calling for volunteers to help abandoned pets

Redland City Council is hoping to harness the well-known Redlands’ spirit to assist local abandoned animals.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said she had been inundated with offers of help after Council last week announced it would take on the task of re-homing animals due to the RSPCA being unable to continue the long-standing arrangement.

“It has only been a few days since Council had to take on the task of re-homing animals and already we have been contacted by numerous locals wanting to know how they can help,” she said.

“This says a lot about our residents and the tremendous sense of community that exists, and prompted me to look at how we can use the fantastic community spirit to help our abandoned animals.

“After speaking with Council officers I am today launching an animal shelter volunteer program, calling for residents, community groups and local businesses who love animals to assist our animal shelter in caring for abandoned animals.”

Cr Williams said anyone who was interested in helping could visit Council’s website and register as an animal shelter volunteer.

“We are looking for people to do a variety of things to care for these animals, including walking, feeding and grooming the animals while they wait to be adopted,” she said.

“Because we have had to move so quickly to find an alternative method of re-homing animals, we are still putting the mechanisms in place and we ask people to be patient while this is worked through.

“This also applies for the volunteer program, but while we are still looking at how this will work there is no doubt we need help and the Redlands’ community has the passion to provide that help.

“The plan is for all suitable animals to be advertised through Council’s website and a dedicated ‘Redlands Animal Shelter’ Facebook page along with details of the volunteer program and other ways the community can assist.

“While these pages are being set up people can sign up to volunteer on Council’s website at

“We are also continuing conversations with animal welfare agencies to ensure the best possible outcomes for these animals.”